Erin Ellis - 100 Days ProjectThere has been a pretty interesting initiative humming away in the background for the last (almost…) 100 days. A NZ based programme, inspired by an idea born in a Yale classroom – the 100 Days Project is nearing the end of its 3rd year. There are an increeeedible array of projects being documented around the world under the simple directive :  “Choose one creative exercise, and then repeat it every day for 100 days. Record each daily effort and see what evolves in the work and in the self over time.”

Instagram has been a favourite forum for these dedicated people to share their projects and two in particular have really captured me as a fan! (Hint – search #100daysproject) Homestyle editor and foodie extraodinaire; Alice Lines producing a new meal every day! And the whimisical illustration and collections in this post of Erin Ellis. Erin is an American born designer/illustrator who’s heart got stolen by the New Zealand environment and way of life while travelling. She now splits her time between Down Under and her New Jersey home which has led to a really beautiful and varied showcase of wildflowers in her project!

The 100 Days Project wraps up this weekend with a public show at The Nathan Club in Britomart, Auckland. I highly recommend checking out the other projects and if you are able, drop by and see what a little self discipline can acheive!

Erin Ellis - 100 Days ProjectErin Ellis - 100 Days ProjectErin Ellis - 100 Days ProjectErin Ellis - 100 Days ProjectErin Ellis - 100 Days ProjectErin Ellis - 100 Days Project


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  1. Sally says:

    Erin’s project looks lovely, I’m off to check out more. I wish I could make it to Auckland to be part of the show, it would be amazing to see. Instead I’m part of a mini 100 days exhibition by three 100dayers in Upper Moutere.

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