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Nancybird is a constantly growing Australian lifestyle brand which started in beautiful leather bags and now is filling not only the wardrobes of its faithful followers but also padding out their homes too! Their style is rich in texture and colour, and for me the Floor Cushions just released in their new collection are true standouts! Made from lush heavyweight linen and embrodered wool they come complete with the 50/50 feather and foam insert for instant floor bound lounging. And guess what?! You can win one! AND WE HAVE A

Today I got a new sofa…the maiden “new sofa”of my life! “Lounging” features strongly in our home. I’m not embarrassed to tell you that its easy to find T and I, flat on our backs, on parallel sofas at all hours of the weekend or scattered around work. If we’ve been mucking around in the garden, or even returning home from jobs in town, its become a bit of a shared tradition that we will “take 5” with a quick lie down in the living room with phone/book/tv remote in

Even though I get to visit Caroline and Simon Curtis’s cute cottage on a near weekly basis (Caroline and I are sisters!), reviewing these photo’s I shot recently reminded me of the MASS amount of work and change they have bought to this section and old home. Lets start on the right foot here – if you haven’t already reviewed the story of their Christchurch purchase and the mammoth DIY journey that would make many amateur renovators weak at the the knees, simply click here. There is a lot to

I had followed the instagram account of Formantics for a good 5 months before artist/designer/maker/over achiever; Susan Christie and I started trading emails. In total honesty, I had been SO taken by the brands witchy way with colour and shape that I hadn’t cast much thought into “where” or rather; “who” it was coming from, definitely stopping short of my usual stalkerish ways. Lucky for me I didn’t need to investigate further because one email from Susan saved me from my own ignorance and re-framed Formantics as a very personal creative venture,

Those with a keen eye on the down under design scene may have recently spotted flashes of this beautiful new accessories textiles collection. While we have come to expect our magpie eyes to recognise the colours and shapes often synonymous with Australian textile design duo; Kate & Kate, their new “Carnival” collection has a little more of a twist to it! “Carnival captures the joy of gathering together, the convivial delights of a shared table, a picnic under the shade of a gumtree; all with the homely embrace of luxurious

Young NZ college and studio mates; Loren Marks and Sarah Carson stepped straight out of their fine arts education into a creative but demanding world of business. On their side was a shared, unwavering point of view and aesthetic, very much focusing on organic lines, tones and inspiration from the softer, shadier corners of nature. Their style has allowed their brand;  Penney and Bennett to grow a loyal following of admirers and like minded stockists…with me included. The rust of that bedlinen combined with the water colour of their silk cushions

Amy Clarke; the designer behind Auckland based MyLarke went back to the drawing board recently when considering not only her next collection but also her process. With a successful 10 years as an independent brand (with a large and loyal international audience via Etsy) MyLarke has branched out sideways, placing a focus on the lifestyles and needs of their customers. Personal Space was recently launched with an offering of handmade robes and cushions with fluid and fun embroidery including; most importantly, the option to be personalised through consultation with Amy. Take

Give me a big fat chunky loop pile and weave ANYDAY! Kiwi designer; Olivia Smith has continued to experiment and develop the offering of her divine brand NODI – complimenting the highly coveted Organic Lines range with this new “staple” collection….which is nothing but totally luxurious! Using jutes, cottons, wool and viscose, each design is made by hand by Nodi’s team of artisan weavers in India, visited often by Olivia as she works with them to produce something extra special for our floors. Take your time to explore the website

I feel like its actually been a while since I have introduced some “brand new” design to you (and your home) !! Meet creative – the collaborative design venture by interior designer and stylist; Nina Provan, and Nick Rennie, a product designer affiliated with well known international furniture companies Normann Copenhagen and Ligne Roset. They have bonded beyond their friendship of over 10 years, to meet in the middle with their clean aesthetic, strong focus on quality, local production AND a shared love of simplistic Japanese design. The result

Oh Ink and Spindle – reliably beautiful and always recognisable. I’ve followed this studio for yeeeaaarrrssss. Stopped by for an interview in Melbourne, witnessed a change in guard of designers, the juggle of growing families and yet, every new collection is as unique yet typical of their seemingly endless inspiration drawn from native their Australia. I LOVE this new range of fabric which can be purchased off the roll OR applied to ottomans, cushions, pouches and those very cool pyraminis! Browse away!  Imagery supplied by and posted with permission of

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