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I just wanted to share a couple of pics from a fairly awesome afternoon I had on Lake Wanaka last Sunday. It was the first time I have visited since leaving to live in Auckland last October and I may well have learnt my lesson. Best not to return to that beautiful bubble until I am ready to move back for good! A very special time with very special people has left me a little sun drenched and emotional. Put this place on your bucket list. Please. Sooner rather than later. xo

I thought I would just share a couple of pics with you from our magical Saturday afternoon. It just so happened to be my dear friend Andy’s birthday and mother nature declared a crystal clear winters day in celebration. We clambered aboard the sturdy “Hannah Mary” and proceeded at a graceful “chug” around Lake Wanaka. Some celebratory bubbles were broken open and we sucked up the crisp snowy mountain air. Living in a small lakeside town sure has its benefits.

The only interior decorating book my Mum had when I was growing up was “The Seasonal Home” by Kristin Perers. I think she received it for a birthday one year, but it wasn’t long before I shuffled it into my own book shelf, referring to its pages even now, some 25 years later! The author offers a really rustic and romantic set of decoration ideas around transforming our homes in reaction to the changing seasons. She demonstrates this with achingly perfect examples involving changeable loose covers on sofa’s and glowing

Lets just say, collecting this selection of work to share with you was hardly a chore… Landscapes/views/streetscapes hold so much nostalgia and romance for me and as a formerly committed fan of photo realism, I have come to immensely appreciate the emotive effect of painted “impressions” of places. I think its a fascinating and beautiful thing to see an artists “take of a scene” that many others have seen before. Below you will find 8 New Zealand and Australian artists that I follow on instagram and covet to the extreme.

This year I have moved into a “forever” home. Despite being in my mid-thirties, this is a new thing for me as I’ve moved town every 3 years without fail since leaving school. While no crystal ball can tell me if I really will be here long term, for once the intention is totally there and a blue villa in Linwood, Christchurch is where this lockdown begins. This lack of “permanence” to my living situation over the years certainly hasn’t been an issue when it comes to making a rented

As a design brand; George and Willy are fine ambassadors of everyday, simplistic and functional products. But as people, they are an inspiring, modern representation of what the NZ “can-do” attitude looks like in 2000’s. They design things that they need and that their friends need. Things that are detailed only to the degree that allows them to do the best job. There is no fussiness, over design or frivolity – just items that help make our everyday life better. I have followed Will McCallum and George Wilkins from the very get

The soft, drifting landscapes of Sophie Melville might be quite familiar to you but perhaps under her former moniker of Mini Grandi Artist. Wanaka based Sophie has spent the last few years reconnecting with her art practice while juggling her Mum jobs. Her work, entirely inspired by the dramatic landscape of where she lives, has found an enthusiastic audience internationally and via her stockists. Taking stock and looking toward the future, Sophie has stepped out from behind her “brand” name, sold the very last of her open edition prints and

Once again the challenge to communicate divine, hand blended fragrance via the internet is WON by George + Edi and their collaborators Greta Kenyon and Lu Diamond Flowers. I only recently introduced you to the offering of fragranced room sprays, candles and reed diffusers from Wanaka based George + Edi … but it’s safe to say they most definitely have me on their band wagon now! CEDRUS is their newly released,  limited edition fragrance for the festive season which can be found in the form of a candle and room spray, both

Lake Wanaka will always have a firm grip on my heart but I certainly can’t claim it as my own special place! Sarah and Rose Agnew of George & Edi also call it home and over the last 5 years have worked from their mountain base to explore their fascination with fragrance and “the ability it has to transform your home and your mood”. I think fragrance and its design is one of the most romantic creative endeavors….but by far the most difficult to communicate visually! So this latest shoot

Late last year my friend and talented photographer; Bonny Stewart-MacDonald flew to Auckland and spent a morning taking some pics of my Auckland “studio/home”. In hindsight I realise now that her visit has documented my spot in the world for the last 3 years and a really cool and exciting time in the development of Studio Home and all its projects (successful/unsuccessful/almosts/maybe next times…) While I have now begun to nest and create a new HQ in Christchurch, the ideas and MANY hours alone with my computer in that Auckland

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