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Following on from my travels further South, I boosted from my parents place in North Canterbury before dawn and jumped back on State Highway 1 heading north. Timing was bang on to crest the windy Hundalee range and see the rose gold sun creeping up along the Kaikoura Coast. I took some time out to lap it all in and was rewarded with seeing a SUPER POD (my words….it was enormous!!) of dolphins frolicking parallel to shore. See! The super pod of dolphins above?? ……   I then headed on

Tea Pea is a mecca of colour, fun and design happiness! A major part of what I loved about my visit was the winding drive up into Khandallah – as a first timer in that area of Wellington I was shocked at the green, tree lined streets that clung to the hill with views of the harbour. Its really beautiful! Tea Pea sits proudly on a corner of the Khandallah Village main street and the neighbourhood vibe was obvious with children and friends popping their head in the door to

I’ve been stalking 24 year old Becca O’Shea online since 2010 when I first stumbled across her attitude packed illustrative cards. Since then I’ve enjoyed watching her notch creative acheivements and milestones which have included landing herself a spot on the highly regarded team of Wellingtons; Inject Design. With a drawing obsession from childhood that she just couldn’t shake and a highly inspirational graphic design teacher in high school, heading to Uni to take on a Bachelor of Design made total sense. During university she started doing poster work for friends bands

From left : Nicky Cameron; Head of Design, Liz Ting; Design + PR, Helen Simonson; Website Management + Graphic Design, Laura Newton-King; Textile Designer + Social Media  Visiting Mondegreen was not at all what I expected! From the outside it is a fun, feminine corner of the internet where quirky internationally sourced homewares and accessories get to hang out with locally designed clothing. A great recipe that has found its niche. But on arriving at the Mondegreen HQ I realised that we were dealing with a much bigger beast. Mondegreen

So for a good portion of this week I was in Wellington. I’ve got to admit I haven’t spent much time in the Capital, but I can honestly say after a full-bore two days I can’t wait to get back down there! On Tuesday I covered some serious ground with three super different but equally inspiring interviews. The Mondegreen girls gave me a guided tour of their factory, the insiders guide to Petone and their cute pop up store. Becca O’Shea gave me a dose of major “apartment envy”, some

I first posted about Sally Shand and her sweet hand drawn cards in 2009. Since then the Wellington based artist has extended her Ragdoll Illustrations product range to include notepads and wrapping paper too. After hearing about her small light filled studio I grabbed the opportunity to share especially as we were able to enlist her photographer boyfriend; Ryan Evison to take the pics! Enjoy.  All photography by Ryan Evison. WHO: I work from here on my stationery label, Ragdoll illustrations, along with the office folk of Iko Iko. WHAT: The studio is situated on the

I can safely say, that the most enduring home decorating feature in my life to date is the humble, paper globe light shade. In the early 1990’s I remember Mum buying two large round shades for our freshly painted (peach) living room in our seventies style farm house. To this day I can remember the warm soft glow they offered, something that will forever mean a cosy home to me. When I was 15 my parents moved to a new farm, inheriting a slightly haphazard villa with strange additions but

To some that follow my posts on my personal instagram or even have a swipe through #thebluehousenz, you might get the impression that I have my personal interior style pretty firmed up. I definitely know that I’ve also been drawn to layers of texture, a dose of nature, a spray of colour (but only muddy!) and love a bit of weathered, old, mis-treated furniture! But given an unlimited budget like a Lotto win, I think I would be in SERIOUS trouble. My house (actually “houses” plural, no doubt) would be

I have MANY friends who have far more exuberant and bold taste in fashion than I, but one thing I harbour a weakness for is…the statement earring. It could have a lot to do with my years of ‘artfully’ shrouding myself in black (something I am pleased to say I have mostly weaned myself off) which needed some kind of colour punctuation BUT it probably has more to do with the fact that they are ‘one size fits all’! Exciting earrings are for anyone and everyone, offering a super cool

It was late 2015 when I first introduced you to The Paper Rain Project –  a fascinating, highly creative endeavour fueled with passion by Indigo and Wills Rowe.  Their work is based on values of collaboration, sustainability and always with an eye on a shared benefit. Aside from their current store in Picton and their plans for roving pop ups this summer, they have continued with their tradition of offering their handmade skateboard decks for artists to use as a canvas. Crafted by Wills recycling wood from old winebarrels, the

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