A Family Atkinson Christmas

I was just finishing up sorting out some holiday pics to send to my family and thought that I’d share my Christmas Day with you. With my sister in Tasmania for an in-laws Christmas, I joined Mum and Dad, my Aunt, Uncle and cousins for a hot day on the Waiau River. One awesome part of my childhood was growing up on a farm bordering the river and jetboating was something we did a lot. We headed downstream for about 20 minutes or so and found a grassy bank with appropriate willow coverage. It was a BAKING hot dry Canterbury day so shade was vital. There was a lot of gorging on scallops and crayfish thanks to the diving skills of Cousin Sal and the culinary skills of Cousin Pen. Bliss. The river was amazingly warm in the shallows and perfect for wallowing with a bottle of bubbles. Everyone was totally wiped out at the end of the day, and I was able to reflect while dozing in the back of the car that the experience was so reminiscent of my childhood……and how extraordinarily lucky I was to think that.

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  1. Bindy Moore says:

    Hi Jules,
    Sal has just shown me these wonderful photos of Xmas Day. Of course we would allll love copies? Are you able to download onto a disc and send or email to Sal and Sal will do the rest. Very special day and special memories !!

    Love Bindy and Sal (yip I’m here too and doing the typing xxxxxxx)

  2. Bindy Moore says:

    Hello poppet, dont worry about photos, have down loaded and emailed to me so hopefully all done and prints will be in albums soon.

    Big Hugs

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