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Merry end of 2016!

Just a last check in before Studio Home has a wee gin and tonic in the sun while we turn the leaf for 2017.
Writing this reminds me a lot of the Christmas time family “newsletters” that used to whizz round ( both sides of my family are large!) – first by mail, then there were the fax years and finally, artfully put together as photo filled pdfs. You’d get a run down of each family members latest and to be honest…it was kind of nice! I don’t partake in this at all (except in my mothers own that she sends out) but at this time of year I always feel compelled to say “hi”, and “this is whats going on, on my end” to you, the eyes on the other end of what I share here and on my social channels.

This year has been a massive one for me! I’ve driven up and down the length of NZ 4 times, presented my social media workshop to over 250 small business owners and done my fair share of agonising over my own too! I’ve found the launch of Studio Home Biz Brains to be hugely rewarding with the opportunity to connect with people face to face, the type of people who reflect the hundreds I have written about over the years. It kind of felt like I got a glimpse of the “coal face” and I loved it.

I also called time on my Auckland existence and moved to Christchurch to discover a lifestyle I didn’t expect. Food, family, architecture, design, Banks Peninsula, food again and cohabitation! No complaints here except for the clothes that don’t fit me at the moment ha! (we’ll deal with that in the New Year ok?) This was all made better by finding the tiniest but coolest city pad to live in (which by the way is coming up for rent!). You can snoop by searching #studiohomehq on instagram or clicking here.

Studio Home has continued to tick along with new and existing TEAM.WORK collaborations circulating out there between NZ and Australia. There are more of these on the table too – I consider myself very bloody lucky to be able to work with such motivated, talented minds on these. I am certain/hoping it rubs off right?

It was also SUCH a relief to see an amazing person take the reins of Juniors Design Blog and run hard with what I started in 2014. Time (or the poor juggling of it) had meant that I couldn’t do it justice and the guilt of letting that project AND that amazing local industry of kids based products, art, clothing, furniture, food and brands drift away was killing me!
So cue the arrival of Rachel Thompson and the amazing refresh and relaunch of the site.
Please visit here! 

Studio Home HQ // Christchurch, New Zealand // NZ/AUS design blog since 2008 Studio Home HQ // Christchurch, New Zealand // NZ/AUS design blog since 2008 Studio Home HQ // Christchurch, New Zealand // NZ/AUS design blog since 2008

But what of 2017?

Well, first up will be the clock ticking over to mark 9 years of this blog and its resulting projects, communities and friendships. The internet is still very much stuck in fast forward, so I’ll admit, I am very proud that despite the immense amount of information presented to you daily, you have remained attached and engaged with the local introductions I bring you. Thank you so much!
As my ability to interview and shoot my own content has been impacted by the growth of other projects (much to my dismay, its my favourite thing…) I have sat back for a little while to watch, learn and consider the direction of Studio Home for the future.

Spurred on by the incredible stories shared by our down under photographers, writers and content creators on their own channels, I’ve decided that the 2017 will see an opening of the doors to allow more contributed stories to be shared here. However the focus will be as much on the storyteller as the story itself, to celebrate this part of our creative community who often are missed as they aren’t “making or selling” us anything.

Anyone interested is welcome to pop me an email and I will share with you the breakdown of this opportunity:

The Demystifying Guide to Facebook and Instagram for Small Business will be taken online alongside my Pinterest and Pitching to Media workshops. Right now this hurts my brain but will be a really gooooood move forward in allowing more people to access these classes. I’ll also be taking on more one-one-one clients as a sidekick to the growth of their own projects.

And lastly, 2017 will see me stepping back into my interior design shoes to take on a new build, residential project with my partner here in Christchurch. I’m really looking forward to sharing this process with you as well as the softer upgrades we will be doing to a lovely villa we’ll be moving into in January! Talk about old vs new!

I’d love to invite you to join me on these more personal projects via my instagram feed: @studiohome_ju.

NOW lets get you connected to some content you can browse from the archives!!! There are 9 years of them!

– Browse my favourite category “Art” here for NZ/Australian talent to the max.

– Looks like my own interviews will be disappearing into the background going forward to maybe you’d like to read the stories of those I have met over the last few years:
– Creative HQ – a peek inside homes and spaces.
– Fly the Coop – interviews I have done with kiwi and Aussie expats in Bali, Australia and New York.
– Store Front – inside the doors of some local stores.
– Locations – some personal travel stories that I plan to update with the Maldives soon!
– Real World – my personal favourite selection of interviews done by Studio Home sidekick; Sarah Allen. Sarah met with some industry go getters to glean advice and wisdom for all those of your out there trying to establish your own business/career.

– Take a trawl through those posts we listed as “emerging designers/artists”…these were people we felt we would most definitely watch rise above the rest.

– Explore out New Zealand or Australian posts separately to see what was featured this year (or ever!) from your area.

You can find the rest of the categories in the left hand sidebar PLUS search by year in the dropdown menu.
I hope you find a lazy shady tree to do this under OR not at all.
Taking a technology break is a good idea!

I’ll see you back here in January.

Ju xo

Design blogger Julia Atkinson of Studio Home est. 2008 // Creative people/brands/products and projects from New Zealand and Australia

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