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Annika Dawkins - Shantanu Starick

Annika Dawkins is one sparky soul. And a damn creative one at that! Having initially met her years ago in Queenstown, I have recently been working with her closely on a number of projects following the set up of her one stop shop creative agency; Ha Ha Media. Despite our many skype meetings, with me peering over her shoulder trying snoop at her space I got more than I bargained for when she finally let me check out the images here.  Shantanu Starick of The Pixel Trade passed through her neighbourhood earlier in the year and in return for some hosting he shot some snaps of her awesome creative home. It’s hard to explain the drama of the Queenstown landscape, but lets just say this home was designed to allow it to creep through every window.

Annika Dawkins - Shantanu StarickAll photography by Shantanu Starick as part of his project The Pixel Trade.

WHO: Annika Dawkins. I’m a maker of things. Designer, artist, jeweller. One half of Ha Ha Media, Creative Agency based in Queenstown.  I trained as a jeweller at Dunedin School of Art. I could never focus on one specific medium or practice so I put my fingers into as many creative pies as possible. Furniture, lighting, painting, drawing and graphic design.  I could’ve got a degree in talking if there was one! Is there one?

Paul Lambert works for Techno Alpin snowmaking systems. HQ is based in Bolzano, Italy and Paul travels the planet extensively working at different ski fields on their snow making systems. Lots of time in the snow, lots of driving and lots of hotels.  He’s an amazing photographer and makes the most of being on the road and visiting some pretty crazy spots. You can check out his wicked street photography pics here and here!

Frankie our ginger puppycat is the boss. She’s a rescue cat, someone abandoned her (grrr). She’s possibly the most loving caring and cuddly creature I’ve ever meet. Bless

WHAT: Our black box apartment is situated half way down Queenstowns main industrial street, Glenda Drive in Frankton. It’s a pretty tiny, one bedroom open plan space – with a fire, sliding doors as windows and a wet room bathroom. We have an office/workshop and storage area down stairs where Paul’s snow making equipment lives. Luckily enough there are two garden areas, front and back, we’d both go bonkers if we didn’t have a garden!

WHERE: It’s a gorgeously sunny spot with incredible views over the Shotover River, Crown Range and also the Remarkables. We love living in the industrial area. We’re both pretty fond of the somewhat overlooked down and dirty parts of cities, so this spot suits us to perfectly. It’s slightly ironic to be living in such an breathtaking town and feel at home beside shipping containers and forklifts!  We’re surrounded  by electricians, lawn mower shops, car groomers etc…pretty handy neighbours!

DESCRIPTION: We’ve lived in various suburbs around town, in pretty old and big houses, which equates to bone chilling winters and enormous power bills. Our mission was to find something new, small, double garage space for a workshop, it had to have a garden and allow us to have pets. Boom – we found it and it ticked all our boxes! People often feel sorry for us when they find out the where we live ” Oh you poor things, it must be horrible, why don’t you shift into town” ha ha! We feel sorry for people stuck in middle suburbia! Most of our visitors are pretty blown away that a space like this exists in Queenstown, let alone the “Dark Side” of town. I adore the light in the space & you feel very involved with the weather with the enormous windows. Lying in bed watching the fire while a snow storm is coming through is pretty incredible. Compact living has its challenges, storage and space for all our stuff, so I found a reason to collect old suitcases for storing our linen and towels in. I’ll pretty much collect anything if I can find more than 3 of them.

I’ve been collecting vintage objects since I was 13, maybe 60% of them are in our house – the rest live with my mother! It’s brilliant having a house that showcases our stuff instead of battling with other peoples hideous interior design choices. When I met the owners (who live in Greece on an olive grove), I hugged them long and hard and thanked them for making the bestest house in all the land!

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