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Here we go! It feels like writing or talking about gardens without imagery is the same as those long winded perfume reviews in magazines that you can’t smell! Boring and frustrating springs to mind!  I’m not out to convert anyone to become a gardener, but I am determined to help bridge the big empty gap interested beginners will find looking for localised information and inspiration.  I waded around in that void for ages and wished I could connect with those that understood my plight! It felt obvious to me that sharing snippets

One of the first barriers I hit when dipping my toe into gardening was the “lingo”. I found that gardener’s in the “know” would readily answer my questions of “what, when, how” but inadvertently create MORE blank faced confusion when using exclusive garden language in their explanations. This created brain explosions and a real barrier to my enthusiasm to even continue learning!  Now I do understand their need to use gardening terms and their huge importance to designing, learning and growing a garden that I would love. The plant categories below

When launching into the unknown, I’ll admit, it can be really hard to even know where to turn for advice and inspiration! I’ll also admit, I’ve found it pretty tricky to find resources on growing a flower garden in NZ (beyond vegie gardens) and often turn to the cult gardening scene in the UK for ideas and solid information.Before we explore the nitty gritty of the actual growing of our gardens in blog posts to come, firstly, I wanted to share all the avenues I have discovered to get my previously

“Home is the heart of life.Home is where we feel at ease, where we belong, where we create surrounds that reflect our tastes and pleasures. Making a home is a form of creativity open to everyone”.– Terence Conran   Hear that? Your interpretation of ‘home’ is your personal creative right. For all those that quake in their boots at choosing the “right” paint colour, dining room chairs or even bed linen with the ache of wondering if it is “cool” and “now” – it’s time to REALLY let all that

As an 8-year-old being bribed to do my mother’s weeding, my lack of interest in gardening far outweighed my thirst for pocket money. Not much changed into adulthood and while I definitely appreciated gardens at surface level, I was mostly focused on pillaging neighbourhood blooms that hung over fences. Fast forward to 36 years of age and I found myself having moved back to Christchurch with a husband-to-be, a terrific villa in Linwood and the very real prospect that I was going to live there for some time. The transient

The only interior decorating book my Mum had when I was growing up was “The Seasonal Home” by Kristin Perers. I think she received it for a birthday one year, but it wasn’t long before I shuffled it into my own book shelf, referring to its pages even now, some 25 years later! The author offers a really rustic and romantic set of decoration ideas around transforming our homes in reaction to the changing seasons. She demonstrates this with achingly perfect examples involving changeable loose covers on sofa’s and glowing

I’m yet to decide if consciously saving beeeauitful places to stay in an Instagram folder is “good” for me or not. Lets just say my holiday budget hasn’t quite hit its targets yet BUT creating a bucket list collection of dreamy accommodation surely will encourage me…right? Nonetheless, these places I share below clearly share my opinion that if you are going to pay to rest your head somewhere other than home – it needs to be ultra inspiring, boundary pushing, detail orientated and special (with a cherry on top.) Below

Over the last few years I have admired jumpsuits only from afar, pretty positive that my preferred roomy, breezy version would not be awesome on my top heavy, short-ish frame. That was until June, when buoyed by honeymoon vibes I tried on a magnificent swampy linen jumper at Toast and my new hubby (obviously also drunk on honeymoon vibes) bought it for me. And I don’t care what shape I am/ was/ will be….I am now a confirmed jumpsuit girl and am obsessed on deciding on my next target. So while I am

I can safely say, that the most enduring home decorating feature in my life to date is the humble, paper globe light shade. In the early 1990’s I remember Mum buying two large round shades for our freshly painted (peach) living room in our seventies style farm house. To this day I can remember the warm soft glow they offered, something that will forever mean a cosy home to me. When I was 15 my parents moved to a new farm, inheriting a slightly haphazard villa with strange additions but

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