Brooke Holm, The School NZ Brooke Holm, The School NZ I’ve been cultivating a pretty healthy online appetite for Brooke Holm and her varied but always beautiful photography offerings. Whether she is on assignment for The Design Files, working in partnership with her stylist friend; Marsha Golemac or (my personal favourite) exploring mountains and wilderness – you can be assured the results are something special. Most recently I’ve been lapping up her instalments of her visit to NZ (have a look through her blog). She shot in Wanaka, Queenstown and the local region – an area I love and lived in for 6 years, so while the subject matter was nothing new, the way she captured it really really was. Simply magical.

So kiwis. Brooke is coming to NZ as part of The School league of talented teachers and will be running her workshop; Photography 101 on Nov.4th. You can learn a little more about it here but also in the exclusive interview below. This is a terrific opportunity for anyone with not only a passion for photography, but those of you with great a business/product/work that is currently not being done justice by bad imagery.
I receive daily submissions for the blog and 80% of the time I feel I can’t post them, despite maybe even loving the product, as the photography isn’t quite good enough…..

Brooke Holm, The School NZ - The Design Files Open HouseBrooke Holm, The School NZ - The Design Files Brooke Holm, The School NZ Brooke Holm, The School NZ Brooke Holm, The School NZ Brooke Holm, The School NZ

Brooke Holm

-What is your day job?
I am a freelance photographer by day and night. My job is amazing because I am always working on something different which keeps me busy and happy. There is never a boring moment.

-What led you to do what you do? What are your favourite aspects of your chosen work?
I picked up a camera one day quite by accident when I was asked to take some photos for someone and I never looked back. I kept shooting every day after that and was determined to be really good at it. It was the first time that I actually really loved doing something that could turn into a career. I never left home without my camera and I promised myself I would never go down just one path of photography. I love food, travel, fashion, landscapes, products, design and interiors so that’s what I shoot! Whoever says you can’t do them all is wrong. The thing I love most about my job is that every day is different. I don’t cope well in a repetitive work environment, I need variety and adventure so this has turned out to be perfect for me. It also gives me a constant opportunity to travel, so I couldn’t ask for more really. I’m very grateful to be in my position.

-Tell us about your class you teach at The School?
I teach a Photography 101 class for bloggers/image lovers. I help people understand their cameras and teach them new perspectives on photography while answering all the questions they’ve been dying to ask someone. It’s really quite rewarding seeing people leave so happy and inspired.

-Who would it interest and why should I tell my friends to go?
It would interest anyone who has a DSLR camera and wants to be better at photography. Whether it be taking photographs for their blog, of their products or for their business. It’s extremely beneficial to anyone who wants to know what all the numbers and settings mean, and anyone who wants to step up their current level of skill. It’s the kind of class I wish I had access to when I was learning.

– To be purely nosey….can you share your top go-to spots online that you rove for inspiration?

– This is Paper
– The Design Files
Share Design
Cabin Porn
Beaver Brook
– My Scandinavian Home 

I also spend a lot of time around nature and with my nose in books because sometimes the things that inspire me exist outside of the digital world.

Check out the rest of the interview series we have run so far on the The School team of teachers coming to NZ in November. Not to mention the amazing array of classes on offer!!

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