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Shuh Lee dances along the line of installation artist/ jewellery designer/ textile designer/ fashion designe/, homeware designer with glee. To me there is always a recognisable softness to her work, in the lines and texture but in amazing balance to the quirky, poppy attitude it all seems to exude via print and colour!! Love it all! Shuh has just released her new collection of bedlinen with some of that exact attitude. You can explore the pillow cases and duvets/doona’s (talking to both sides of the Tasman here!) here online as well as her

Australian brand; Sanctuary Studio is a new blip on my radar but I instantly recognised it as a beacon to the fun loving, “more is more” kids out there! (By kids I mean “you” – the one with magpie eyes for attitude, boldness and colour in your life!) Created by mother/daughter duo Anne Cook and Simone Rennard in 2015, they have led with a desire to collaborate with artists to create bedlinen, homeware and accessories that stand out in the fact its not all uniform! Their new summery offering called

We’ve touched based a few times with Willie Weston co-founders Jessica Booth and Laetitia Prunetti since they launched their business to work with Indigenous owned and operated art centres in remote communities across Australia and in turn; transform their work into modern, high quality textiles and product. Using the Rosie Ngwarraye Morton’s Sugarbag Dreaming fabric design, they have combined forces with Australian design champion; Koskela to produce these beautiful limited edition bean bags. Support some local down under design that spans from maker to producer by exploring online here. Explore more of the

Radical Yes! continue to tear forth in their very own gorgeous, styley direction! In many ways they are pioneers of the independent fashion world where they produce at will, offering limited edition collections of shoes, sunglasses, bags (and I have no doubt MUCH more!) which are presented constantly with a disregard to traditional fashion “seasons” and the demands of the wider retail community. This means their pace is fast, their collaborations are frequent and the best thing; the quality, small run products can be collected!!!! (well…that’s what I tell myself!)

Wrap your eyes up in the latest from I Love Linen!  Finding the balance between soft, slubby tones and pattern paired with intense, saturated colour seems to be coming a signature of this Australian brand. Click through to explore the huge collection on offer which includes hotel quality bedding as well as cheeky, fun additions for the kids rooms. PS – be warned though ….their stock flys out the door so if you see something you want, I’d go for it now! Imagery supplied and used with permission of I Love

Oooohhh mannnnnnn! Fictional Objects has been a tried and true favourite of Studio Home for quite a few years now and the anticipation of their new collections never gets any easier to handle! But, just in time for the summery rotation of bed linen….we can all welcome ‘Second Skin’, a big juicy range of duvets, sheets and pillow cases in colour ways that quite frankly; never do and never will disappoint! Designer Emma Rutherford is an expert in that epic “sweet and sour” mixing of colour and as a personal fan

Our island child; La Luna Rose is well known for her sparky, vibrant beaded jewellery – but those with a leaning for the tropics should brace themselves for the new “Las Palmas” collection! Based around a series of sunshine evoking charms (think shells, palms, fruit and more!), “Las Palmas”  presents them in silver, gold and rose gold finishes across delicate chain bracelets, necklaces, studs and rings.  They are a sweet but precious gift to give or add to your own collection. Keep it up La Luna Rose! Imagery supplied by

Hunting for George continue on their path to be your one-stop-shop for quality Australian design, art and homeware. They really are the champion of the independent designer and have slotted themselves in there too! Their new collection; ‘Clifton’ is inspired by summers spent in the sleepy Tasmanian, seaside town of the same name, as remembered by co-founders/sisters; Lucy Glade Wright and Jo Harris.  “I wanted this collection to represent everything we love about Summer holidays. Our fondest memories are from our holiday’s spent at Clifton Beach. Extremely understated and surrounded by

Page Thirty Three continue on their own path – creating strong, beautiful products that really are unlike most of their kind! Consistently adding to their Ritual collection …the updates are sexy, modern and refined proving a little luxury doesn’t need to be fussy! Explore their refined incense and oil burners (some you might not immediately recognise!), bath brews and treatments, candle packs, essential oils and even a leather pilates roller! Welcome to the future of rewarding your senses.  All imagery supplied by and used with permission of Page Thirty Three ………………….

If you don’t feel summery and festive after browsing this latest collection from Little Tienda….I’m going to suggest you go ahead and book that tropical holiday. For the rest of us though, the new “El Camino” collection from this iconic Australian based brand is the fun, vibrant, Mexican breath of fresh air we ALL needed! Woman behind the brand; Em Dezentje has managed a beautiful melting of Mexican and Australian zest in her collection (to be honest ALL of her collections). Since her launch in 2012, Em has fostered long term, rewarding

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