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While we are all enjoy gathering here in our “online world” – I wanted to keep one arm out stretched to the birth place of inspiration…. BOOKS. While I have a kind of hiccuping consumption of novels, I am a regular collector of photographic digests, encyclopedic guides and most definitely memoirs and contemplative publications that I can pinch some “get up and go” from. The Leap Stories would be one of the latter! I’m happy to introduce you to this book, not only for its terrific, locally sourced interviews but

Imagery courtesy of Frankie Spaces Photography by Natalie McComas …… How about this place?! I have been flicking through the new issue of Frankie Spaces – and like the hidden, personality packed home of Jennifer Hillhouse and JC Lehuby, there are another 28 to explore from both sides of the Tasman! Real homes and spaces…you know ones with grit and perhaps too much clutter and memories plastered all over the show! Jennifer and JC are a super creative couple who source and import French treasures and furniture to sell in their

I actually can’t believe it has taken so long for this to come about! To be fair….the first edition of the “NZ Dictionary” by Lucy Kirkwood was actually designed as part of her final university project based around Kiwi identity. Such was the unique angle and awesome design of this book, Lucy went on to successfully stock it in design stores throughout the country over the last 4 years….thus….it was time for an update! The NEW edition is written for a “mature audience” and artfully presents the sometimes funny sometimes

With a roll call of some of Australasia’s MOST clever, snappy and surpising creatives – the latest publishing project by Frankie magazine is feast for the eyes! A Little Bit Crafty is packed with 39 clever, quirky and fun projects that will definitely get your flexing your own making skills. Available online directly from Frankie or at bookstores (and some supermarkets no less!) across NZ and Australia. If you are a tad craft inclined – this is a nice one for your collection. Imagery courtesy of Frankie Photography by Hilary Walker

Mary Gaudin is a New Zealand photographer mostly based in France – however on a recent trip home, armed with camera and an idea she hit the road to explore some of our country’s residential modernist gems. She explains that while the houses are “a little dusty and slightly worn around the edges” the goal of the profiles was to share them in a sense beyond their architectural features. Mary sort to capture them as they are lived in right now, how they sit in their surroundings and with the help

Brand spanking new to book shelves this week is the second glossy collaboration between photographer; Larnie Nicolson and interior stylist/writer/retailer LeeAnn Yare. In a follow up to the book; New Zealand Interior Style last year, the new (good smelling!) publication is full of visual inspiration and ideas for our home spaces. Beautifully designed by Hardhat Design this is sure to be a great reference for those of you wanting to take your interior idea browsing off the internet and back to its original home of paper and pages! Reproduced with permission from Rooms

Artwork by Kaff-eine : inspired by Jordan’s story and painted in an independent school in Morwell. Photography by Rowena Naylor for HEARTCORE ……   HEARTCORE is a terrific project which I’ve been looking forward to sharing with you! I think they describe the project best so please read on! “The stories of some of Victoria’s most vulnerable children and young people will be told, in their own words, with the launch of the HEARTCORE book. In an Australian first, children’s charity Berry Street and international street artist, Kaff-eine, have collaborated

My break times have been spent on the sofa the last few days as I’ve been lapping up the stories and peeks into other peoples homes in the brand new volume of SPACES from Frankie Magazine. After much consideration I decided one of my most favourite features was the Point Lonsdale home of Kip + Co designer; Kate and her landscape designer husband; Mal Heppell. Photographer Hilary Walker and writer; Samantha Prendergast give readers a great introduction and background to this special property which has me dreaming of discovering rural, overgrown

Calling all creative souls intent on getting serious about their business this year – I think this publication might just be the New Year boost you need! Tess McCabe, the coordinator of Creative Womens Circle has recently released a second volume of her super inspiring Conversations with Creative Women. It is bursting with 16 indepth interviews with some of Australia’s most exciting female creatives – think Megan Morton, Georgia Hobart, Dawn Tan and more, covering a great broad cross section of industries. It is fairly obvious that I am pretty into

For architecture lovers down under this looks like a super interesting book for the collection. Edited by Jeremy Hansen; respected captain of HOME New Zealand magazine, it pulls together 24 case studies of New Zealand homes built between 1938 – 1977 when people were slowly seeking alternatives to the classic kiwi villa. I spotted this over at Clever Bastards.

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