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You’ve all been witness to the exquisite, hand made chandeliers produced by klaylife artisans; the women in Kwazulu-Natal of South Africa. Now we have something a little smaller to covet! klaylife has joined forces with Melbourne based; Elodie Darwish of élodie jewellery to combine their handmade beads with truly beautiful accents of gold and silver plated brass. I simply love this mix of smooth and gleaming vs soft and natural! Enjoy the introduction below or click through to explore and buy online here.        Imagery supplied by and used with permission of klaylife ……………….

Don’t be surprised if these poignant large scale prints look familiar – they are the work of Christchurch photographer Stacey Weaver and have, unsurprisingly, caught the eye of many top design stores. I also felt captivated on spotting them for the first time, surprised at how drawn I was to the imperfection and beauty found in the last days of a proud bloom. End of days isn’t always a bad thing! Stacey has followed up her debut range with the launch of her own online store for Just South West and

I am SO excited to finally be sharing with you the result of my latest TEAM.WORK collaboration project! Good things take time my friends! It is such a personal thrill to get the opportunity to step beyond the blog and actually brainstorm ideas with the independent brands/designers/artists that I admire so much. For this new project, Betony Dircks and Kelly Elkin were the design stars that accepted the challenge to help me come good on my dream delivering you guys the BEST PJ’s EVER! For them – its not such a hard task

Last years post introducing you all to Klaylife was one of our most visited and shared ever! To me this simply indicated that you were all keen and ready for something fresh, innovative and beautifully made …. that was definitely my feeling when I first came across their dramatic but natural chandeliers. Well the Australian based team have been busy on their follow up collection – this time working with stylist/designer Jacqui Moore of Moore Concepts to introduce some colour and new shapes! Take some time to browse the pics below

Despite the fact the Winter is really still only dragging its feet in the door ….Spring and all its festive fun, is technically only a month away! Which is why this unrestrained collaboration bursting with pizzazz between Leititia Green and Murley and Co NEEDS to be shared now! The wonderful multi disciplinary artist; Letitia Green (who we introduced to you here) has joined forces with top creative milliner; Carla Murley to release a limited 8 piece collection of playful, patterned headpieces. They will be available exclusively through Carla’s studio and are part

I’ve really enjoyed watching this collaboration take place via the instagram feed of Alex Fulton and readied myself to use it as an excuse to introduce not only the results but also more of the magical, impactful light installations of Auckland artist; Trish Campbell!  Trish has had a life long fascination and attraction to light and as a prolific maker she has explored this for years. More recently, following the completion of her Visual Arts degree, she has been inspired by the work of the light and space artists of the 60’s

Hunting for George offer one damn inspiring success story of small business smarts if you ask me! I have followed their consistent (and good looking!) growth for 6 years, watching their unique curation of brands combine with their own creative prowess in designing their own product range as well. So obviously, these rather dreamy shots of their latest range styled into some kind of mythical Melbourne loft, caught my attention once again and I definitely wanted to share with you all. Their latest in-house offering is the “Loft” collection. This is

I am SO grateful for the Aussie connection involved in Slowdown Studio otherwise, this largely USA based project wouldn’t have made before your eyes right now! Slowdown Studio is the creative partnership of two old friends living on opposite sides of the Pacific; fashion designer Claire Tregoning (Sydney, Australia) and graphic designer Marc Hendrick (Los Angeles, USA). Pursuing their own passion for playful prints and pattern they have thrown the net out to the world to collaborate with some of their favourite artists to complete their debut collection of woven

Art meeting fashion can often be an explosion of confusion which is why I LOVE this collaboration for its mad but ordered meeting of minds! Annie Abbott, the design brains behind top Australian shoe brand Habbot invited WA artist; Emma Lipscombe to work together on meshing Emma’s bold graphic art with their sleek, Italian made footwear. The resulting capsule collection of lace ups, loafers and a clutch has been directly inspired by a singular piece of work created by Emma. Both parties involved have highly recognisable aesthetics and work to explore which

Meet the King Dome series of lights – a very modern but regal affair created by design wiz kids; Dowel Jones for Woodmark. A sleek and simple light made of spun metal and rods available in 3 variations. A god send for the industrial enthusiast or strict minimalist! You can explore more of Dowel Jones here and browse more of the collaborations with Australian designers facilitated by Woodmark here.  Imagery supplied by and used with permission of Dowel Jones Photography by Cricket Ink …..

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