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Despite it being some time ago now, I still remember the thrill of scheduling in a visit with Kim Jaeger while in Melbourne late last year. I had followed Kim’s instagram for months and marveled at the “work in progress shots” from her studio as she hand crafted one “Pot head” after another – each different and each strangely packed with character! I got the impression there was more to this project than the occasional shot on Instagram, so for her to accept my request for a visit felt like I

Prolific designers, artists and creative partners in crime; Evie Kemp and Amy Clarke. …… There isn’t a single creative out there that hasn’t harboured dreams of a lofty, industrial style work space where the studio dog naps in a corner and freshly painted white walls set off the rustic old wooden rafters. Yes, in fact I think we have all imagined ourselves in a space like this! What’s more, while rustic modern studio’s are rife in the back streets of Melbourne and dark corners of Brooklyn they are virtually impossible

From left: Hannah Kidd and Sue Bamford. …… Sculptor; Hannah Kidd has long been on my list of people to interview. I can remember seeing her work as a design student in my early twenties – her agricultural subject matter rung bells for me and whats more we both called the rural/seasonal ski town of Methven home at different times. So a few months ago I drove the grid of long straight roads of Mid Canterbury and made for the small town sitting at the foot of the shadowy Southern

From left: Will McCallum and George Wilkins in their Tauranga workshop …… Any of you with an interest in young NZ design talent will have had George and Willy “blip” on your radar over the last 18 months. It may have been for their cool swings or perhaps trestle tables. You might have spotted their hardy duffel bags or have been swept up in the international popularity of their industrial paper roller. I can assure you if you haven’t seen any of these yet…you are definitely going to enjoy the

The workshop of Christchurch based lighting brand; Joska + Sons is exactly that….a space packed with tools and machinery both in use and stored, prototypes, screws, packaging, bikes, patched walls and wood with not a pot plant to be seen! 31 year old Joska Easterbrook is in the business of making exceptionally awesome lighting not curating a dreamy studio! I invite you to read the story of the long way round that Joska took to discover/uncover his passion and skill for making. Its a great one for those of you

Artist/actress/high country farm girl; Amelia Guild has those sparkly, glinty eyes that instantly captivate you. I have spent much time with her over the past few years as a close friend on many an adventure and not once did I ever see the sparkle level drop. Not once! So on my recent trip to Canterbury I finally had the opportunity to visit her with the intention of delving deeper into her story and sharing the grassroots life she has chosen with her husband and family – almost at odds with

From left: The Trestle Union – Nikolai Sorensen and Mike Grobelny in the AUT workshop. …… While I can’t remember the first time I came across The Trestle Union, I do still remember the momentary thrill at finding furniture designed and made in NZ that I could actually afford! Un surprisingly, accessibility was definitely a motivating factor when two savvy product design students from AUT knocked heads and decided to give a business a whirl. Trestle Union is as fluid and forward thinking as its two young designers which meant that

Despite the raging popularity of her work across many platforms, Stanislava Pinchuk aka Miso remains humble and almost unaffected by the cult-like following she has garnered. The day I clattered up seven floors in the old lift of the Melbourne’s historic Nicholas Building, Stanislava was literally unpacking into her new studio and preparing to leave for a month long stay in Tokyo the next day. Being somewhat of a groupy myself, I lapped up the bare workspace and thought that despite its sparseness – it was of course brilliant and

Ok friends, this is a biggy but such a goody. When I sat down with Austin Moncrieff on the back porch of his Byron Bay house I honestly had NO idea where his story was going to go. So many times I caught myself with raised eyebrows or a disbelieving shake of the head. This guy is one of the most motivated and diverse creative forces I have ever met. And as you can see, he has a really cool house! Enjoy x While he looks like a seaside bred

Emma Leonard is definitely in my top 5 most favourite illustrators…ever! I’ve followed her work for years, fawning over her well stocked Etsy store and often buying her prints for friends. I was lucky enough to briefly meet her earlier in 2013 while she was helping set up this exhibition – but despite a tonne of emails and a social media romance, it wasn’t until November that I finally got to hang out with her. Big, deep, fan-girl sigh. As I’d anticipated, Emma is a super friendly, funny and easy

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