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I dragged out the morning I spent with sparky Lucy Houghton for as long as I could. It started with rain before revealing a balmy Auckland spring day and her great chat and “work materials” were so magnetic that I found myself well and truly settled into a sunny corner of her studio/garage. There aren’t many people out there who don’t love a lush bouquet of flowers and I count hundreds that hold fantasies of ditching everything to morph into a florist – its a romantic and popular notion! Well

From left: Stephanie Somebody, Olivia Zan, Erin Neale, Tara Pearce, Joel Pringle and Sarah Cooper ……. The biggest problem I had with putting this post together is there really was SO much “story” to tell you! As the title suggests, I got to skip around on the edges while a terrific event was set up by a team of creatives, intent on not only bringing their own – but also their friends ideas to life. After looking through all the pics, my notes and the general impression I had on

From left to right – Team EG!: Katherina Dams, Lucy Hall, Alicia Gordon and Emily Green. Missing in action: Kate Henke …… On my recent trip to Melbourne I was really excited when  Emily Green, a prolific creator who I had followed for years, accepted my request to visit!  I wasn’t however, at all prepared to find such an awesome studio set up, team of chatty helpers and the Emily’s amazing, magnetic personality. By the end of the interview I was tempted to bin my notebook and ask if I

Hannah Jensen‘s beautiful smile jumped out at me from the TV a few months ago when she was being featured on the One News “Good Sorts” segment. As they profiled her work, teaching art to children at Aucklands Starship Hospital, I couldn’t ignore the ringing bell in my head – her name was so familiar?! I combined forces with my best friend Google and quickly realised that I had eartagged her to blog years ago because her work is AMAZING!! Within 10 minutes I’d whipped her an email and just a

Georgie Cummings is one of those lovely softly spoken types that doesn’t seem rattled by much…which made quite a lot of sense after I learnt about her “steady-as-she-goes” attitude to simply making stuff happen! Born and bred in Melbourne, she kicked off her studies in Industrial Design at RMIT in 2006. Like many students out there, hospitality offered a way to earn money around school hours and for Georgie the added bonus of indulging her huge passion for food. For years during and then following her degree she worked at

Will Worsp and I had been weather watching in the lead up to my planned visit to Raglan. We’d already postponed once in an effort to strike a beautiful day to maximise my trip and  first time in the area.  Luckily our patience was rewarded and it really turned out to be mission accomplished. Not only was it a great first impression … I pretty much want to move there! On checking out Raglan and her surrounds it made sense to me that Will has chosen to base his furniture

For most of you Beci Orpin will need little introduction. To those meeting her for the first time…well lets just say I am pretty stoked to be your gateway to her bright, light and truly unique creative world. Fresh off the back of her second book I was excited to get the opportunity to drop into her studio and have a chat about her winding creative road to date. With a new HQ she will be sharing with husband Raph almost completed, this might be the last glimpse you have of

From left: Beth-Emily, Abby Seymour, Tom Fitzgerald. …… This is a Creative HQ with a difference! It gives you a peek not only into the shared workspace of three ambitious creatives based at the Young Husband Studios in Kensington, but also their thoughts and experiences in working in a shared environment. Being someone that predominately works alone (currently!) I have rather idealistic opinions about shared workspaces and having been lucky enough to see a few AMAZING ones of late I feel justified in them! Below I’ll give you a brief

From left: Sales and Communications Manager; Chantelle Mears, Design Assistant and Production Manager; Meagan Curran and Juliette Hogan. …… The name Juliette Hogan is synonymous with clothing that is loved as much by the fashion industry insiders as it is by us everyday females. Her story is an inspiring tale of good kiwi grit and dedication mixed with an aesthetic that gently combines luxury with a casual vibe. With nearly 10 years on the clock, its safe to say that Juliette has got a brand story to be proud of

I had promised Lisa Li and Georgia Davison that my visit to their new Kingsland studio/store; Terrarium would be done and dusted in an hour. Yeah….try close on 3 hours! While I had blogged the bags produced by both of these young designers in the last year, I hadn’t met them in person until yesterday and as it turns out they are damn fun and inspiring company! As I snapped and snooped around their awesome space they shared their ideas for what is essentially an open and exciting concept. Having

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