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  Designer Elizabeth Soljak and Frankie Well, I certainly can’t complain on how I spent my Tuesday morning this week! I swanned around in the new A La Robe showroom and studio, soaking up the lush ethereal fabrics and luxurious vibe. And there wasn’t a shred of guilt as I oohed and ahhed over endless amazing garments as designer Elizabeth Soljak reminded me ” You don’t have to be getting married to wear a pretty dress”. Word. Positioned road side at the very top of the Parnell stretch, A La

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have a snoop around the Meadowlark HQ in central Auckland. This was creativity central! I loved seeing the jewellery that I covet in its raw form, getting wrestled into glistening, shiny little pieces of love that people treasure. That might sound a bit sappy but seriously! I got to see first hand the time and effort put in by a small team that have managed to resist the outsourcing of every element of construction and instead work on every piece themselves. This holds a lot

By the time the day rolled around to head to Noho and meet with Luke Harwood at his New York coffee spot, I was feeling like a bit of a map reading, subway riding pro. I stomped around the streets of Soho ticking off all the stores I had promised myself I would check out then wandered the couple of blocks north to Bond Street and Happy Bones NYC. I managed to walk past the sandwich board outside twice (duh!) before realising that I needed to walk through a boutique eye-ware store

My effort to meet Henry for our interview started fairly typically for me. As per usual, I popped out of the dark subway only to spin around in circles trying to get my sense of direction.  I was yet to confidently walk up and out onto the street heading the way I was meant to.  Instead I would always stand with a virtual flashing arrow above my head screaming “Tourist!” while turning my map around in my hands. Probably accustomed to giving wayward New Zealanders easy to follow directions, Henry

When I decided to forge ahead and get my networking hat on, to track down subjects for these New York interviews, Kelly Reid was at the top of my list. A year or so ago I had spotted a little mention about her Brooklyn based leather handbag line; Reid Damnit in a Frankie Magazine, which had led me to hunt her down online and subsequently post about her.  Luckily for me, she is not only supremely nice she is also really well connected and it was on her referral that

Alexander Hall & Sabrina Godfrey As it turned out, arranging a meeting with Alexander Hall was a fantastic move for my sightseeing itinerary of Brooklyn. With the plan being to meet at his café; Milk Bar in Prospect Heights, I had the pleasure to walk streets full of the “brownstones” of Brooklyn made famous in my own head by Sesame Street and the Cosby Show. Prospect Heights was a really pretty area and the perfect spot for the friendly little Milk Bar taking pride of place on a busy intersection. There

Mahalia Sinclair Parker outside the Neighbourhood Playhouse, Manhattan.   Mahalia had the misfortune of being my first interview which meant she had to patiently listen to me spout chat at her without drawing breath for 15 minutes. I’d been in New York for 3 days and had barely talked. Not something that works well for me. I met her in a leafy and rather soggy Midtown street outside the The Neighbourhood Playhouse, the exclusive and famous acting school she attends (alumni include Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, Chris Noth and Martin

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