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I am sure many of you are familiar with kiwi online design mecca; Clever Bastards. For those of you that aren’t you are in for a treat. Clever Bastards is a long running, carefully curated store that collects together some of the best NZ designers and their products across art, homewares, furniture, jewellery, lighting and much more. Below are some of the pieces that really jump out at me, but there really is something in there for everyone. They have a great section that profiles specific designers and updates to

Woah!!! I seem to do a lot of shouting in enthusiasm on this blog-sorry for that. But sometimes its just hard not too! This awesome new stool from the ever creative Timothy John,  for powerhouse kiwi clothing group; Thanks is just so damn original and fresh. Goooo NZ design!! Today is the day folks that it is officially for sale.  

I hadn’t been to visit the Home Base Collections website for so long, which made what I discovered even more exciting! Leanne Culy and team have been BUSY! So many new beautiful fabric designs including that wood grain print by Dick Frizzell. The image above is a shot from a newly refurbished beach house in Waimarama where they put to good use many of the Home Base fabrics. So kiwi/scandi! (you should see the online store…)  So dapper!  

Well…I pretty much am a loud and proud cat person (kind of have to be considering my cat…he has food issues…) so this awesome, creative collab between my favourites; Meadowlark and the New Zealand SPCA is right up my alley. And there’s something for everyone! T-shirts (mini and grown up!), mugs, tote bags and that necklace! If you are keen to jump in and support the annual “Paws Week Appeal” then visit SPCA to purchase all but the necklace which you need to pop by Meadowlark to do.

    What a clever creation! The Dew Hanging Chair is actually designed by a Wanaka based (my spiritual home town) architect John Deuchrass. Love it. You can check out more pics and also how to buy at Clever Bastards.

Hi everyone! I’m back on Antipodean soil!! Feels kind of surreal but I’ve got some serious laptop time lined up to get all the exciting posts AND projects out and heading your way!! In the mean time I swiped a copy of my favourite interiors mag; Inside Out at Auckland airport and already have a list as long as my arm to google and shoot out to you. And kicking off normal Studio Home “post programming” is Mozi who I ignorantly thought where still in the small accessories business. Turns

I actually should have said “hair magician, DIY renovator extraordinaire and genuinely gorgeous girl” – but hey, it would have messed with my formatting. Although I may be slightly biased due to the friendship I have with Kat, I think if you took a browse through her new blog Love + Ginger and gave your locks an hour in her salon you would agree wholeheartedly. Pushing through the upheaval of the Feb 2011 Christchurch earthquake, Kat and Guy moved on to totally overhaul their little corner of the city into

Well after admiring (and www. stalking ) Alex Fulton and her rainbow bright world from afar, I finally got to meet her in the big pit of revellers at this years Rippon Festival in Wanaka. She was as sparkly as I had expected and promptly grabbed my wrist and slapped on her brand new Disco Beads, saying she totally thought I should have them instead! So lovely and spritely, just like the home she shares with her family. WHAT: My spaces involves my whole house.  I use this space to express

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