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I’m yet to decide if consciously saving beeeauitful places to stay in an Instagram folder is “good” for me or not. Lets just say my holiday budget hasn’t quite hit its targets yet BUT creating a bucket list collection of dreamy accommodation surely will encourage me…right? Nonetheless, these places I share below clearly share my opinion that if you are going to pay to rest your head somewhere other than home – it needs to be ultra inspiring, boundary pushing, detail orientated and special (with a cherry on top.) Below

The term ‘Mid Century Modern’  is readily flung around by furniture stores, magazines and bloggers like a little hook to lure you in. Hey, its not the only catchy catch phrase out there that glows with trendy interior promises – but if you, like me, have grown a little confused about “what” sort of style it relates too, then let me help clarify.  In cahoots with local Mid Century design experts (real ones!); Mr Bigglesworthy, I ducked back into student research mode in an attempt to offer you a 10

And to continue our unofficial Studio Home “Art Week”, I want to pull your attention next to the divine, provocative photography of Lilli Waters. I’ve followed Lilli’s work for years now, paying particular attention to her personal projects that so often concentrate on the female form and are always tinged with a kind of tense, sombre mood. This new body of work called “Pistil – Floral Seduction” has been created to be part of the ‘Phantom Paradise ~ A Tropical Abyss’ Exhibition at Saint Cloche Gallery (2-14th June) in Sydney.

The Messervy House is tucked away in the Christchurch suburb of Ilam. It’s a home designed by Allan Mitchener specifically for the needs of a young family in 1964 and has managed to not only survive earthquakes but also the threat of falling into the hands of aggressive owners keen to “improve” on its unique design features. Lucky for this place it was found and recently, lovingly restored to its original glory by a design sensitive local couple – only the house’s second set of owners over the last 50+ years! Now, faced with

Talk about lustworthy location and a roll of suppliers that reads like the “A” team of local creative talent! Talented photographer and Kinfolk gathering pro; Greta Kenyon stepped things up a notch for the ” A Feast for the Eyes ” themed dinner by hiring the dramatic Silo’s in Aucklands Wynyard Quarter. Dreamy location yes but it needs to be noted from the start that there were NO facilities here. No running water and certainly no cooking facilities which posed an amazing challenge for the Mondays Whole Foods team who

This feature is an all time favourite. My visit to Balquhidder House in Napier, the headquarters of the artistic, fearless and creative Culy family was meant to be a relatively fleeting one.  Gunning to be there for about an hour and a half I was forcing myself to leave out of politeness after five…. Despite it being a year on (Time! Where did you go!), revisiting my notes and screes of photos had me once again dreaming of being a resident and member of their crew. There is an amazing

This is a tough one for a Tuesday but I have spent some serious time up to my eyeballs in the BEST kiwi hideaways, glamp-sites and dreamlike getaway locations! Canopy Camping Escapes is a website that lists a very carefully curated selection of spectacular spots scattered around the country. Some are remote bush “flashed up” campsites, sheds perched on hills, tree huts, little converted wagons AND even a fantasy like “underhill” hobbit home! I already have a few on my list – but I would definitely recommend exploring their collection

I find this space SUPER inspiring – not only in the way it looks and how it has been so thoughtfully designed by its users…but because it kind of encapsulates all my own hopes and dreams of a communal, functional HQ (pipe dreams…)!! Adelaide designer; Anny Duff couldn’t believe her luck when this light bright space in the CBD came up for lease. She had desperately been looking for somewhere she could show not only her sustainable hemp brand; B.Goods Label – but a place she could curate other product

This felt like a beautiful, fresh post for you to enjoy over what I hope is a VERY relaxing holiday period! Interior Architect Mairead Murphy of Maike Design Studio recently teamed up with exciting furniture brand, Tide Design to help them transform a derelict old factory building (adjacent to their workshop) in Melbourne into this DREAM retail space! Aside from the truly covetable furniture by Tide – the overall vibe and detail of this space has a lot that can be drawn on in terms of inspiration for your own

Mary Gaudin is a New Zealand photographer mostly based in France – however on a recent trip home, armed with camera and an idea she hit the road to explore some of our country’s residential modernist gems. She explains that while the houses are “a little dusty and slightly worn around the edges” the goal of the profiles was to share them in a sense beyond their architectural features. Mary sort to capture them as they are lived in right now, how they sit in their surroundings and with the help

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