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I know it wasn’t long ago that I introduced the work of Christchurch photographer Stacey Weaver, and that if you follow me on my personal instagram my OWN Just South West print pops up a bit….but its because I really truly love to gaze at this work!! Just South West offers prints that approach decent size ( I love BIG!) and make for bold pieces of art. Stacey’s latest additions continue with her interest in capturing that invisible line tread by flowers as they disappear toward a slow but beautiful decay. Now this concept probably couldn’t arrive at a better time for New Zealanders! “Best Wishes” is a new type of way to express your care and thoughts for others while spreading original New Zealand art further afield. The creative mastermind and painterly hand behind all this is Jen Sievers, an exciting kiwi abstract artist who has well and truly captured our attention for the last year or so! In her own words; Jen describes her project: “Best Wishes is a range of mini artworks, each painted with strong and

It’s really refreshing to introduce you to a New Zealand artist that hasn’t been long on my own radar. The work of Wellington based Niels Meyer – Westfeld reminds me a lot of those amazing botanical encyclopedias that people used to store in their volumes! They examined creatures and nature from the world over and very often depicted them in motion or their natural habitat. And after learning more about Niels, its kind of no wonder! “My father is a passionate lepidopterist and botanist and growing up in Germany, I was

Hunting for George continue on their path to be your one-stop-shop for quality Australian design, art and homeware. They really are the champion of the independent designer and have slotted themselves in there too! Their new collection; ‘Clifton’ is inspired by summers spent in the sleepy Tasmanian, seaside town of the same name, as remembered by co-founders/sisters; Lucy Glade Wright and Jo Harris.  “I wanted this collection to represent everything we love about Summer holidays. Our fondest memories are from our holiday’s spent at Clifton Beach. Extremely understated and surrounded by

Auckland artist; Jenni Stringleman is smothering Dunedin’s Gallery DeNovo in her joyous, abstract paintings from the 20 Sept – 14 October. This new collection; aptly named “Paradise” swings us into the depths of wildly lush, colourful foliage and flowers….I can only imagine what gardens look like through the eyes of Jenni! Explore the preview of the show below or visit Gallery DeNovo OR Jenni’s site. Imagery supplied by and used with permission of Gallery DeNovo ……………

Wild Wagon Co. is the rather romantic name picked to represent the rich, modern folk art of designer and roving creative; Cristina Viscu. A quick scan of her About page gives a nod to her adventuring spirit which has led her from Moldova to Nashville, New York to Auckland. While she has worked across a handful of creative industries it wasn’t until Cristina arrived in Auckland with her husband Eugene a few years ago that the Wild Wagon Co ranges of stationary and prints took form. I’ve been an admirer of her

The topsy turvy whimsy of Jasmine Middlebrook’s world REALLY feels in line with my week! This southern artist continues to have me glued to her next move after I was first introduced to her by Dunedins based; Gallery De Novo in late 2014. Well, Jasmine is back with Gallery De Novo for her upcoming show; “Snakes and Ladders”, opening on the 16th until the 29th of September. | I’m actually hoping to be in the hood then so will definitely be dropping past for a look! For the rest of you – take some

She’s back! One of my absolute favourite artistic eyes has returned from some time out for motherhood to present a new show of work called “Places I’d Rather Be” – Lamington Drive Gallery, Melbourne August 31 – Sept 17. No one does delicate, feminine or ethereal like Emma Leonard and this new series all but sets that in stone. “Places I’d Rather Be is a contemplation on wanderlust — a visual daydream for those with a sense of nostalgia for a time and place they have never experienced. In this new

Seeing these beautiful hand printed fabrics en-masse in the pictures below gives you a strong idea of the natural aesthetic, inspiration and colour palette of designer; Yolanda Zarins. But you SERIOUSLY should click through to her website here to examine each print more closely. Obviously deeply inspired by her home of Tasmania, Yolanda translates the botanical world around her into repeating prints and pattern that really are handcrafted works of art for your home….they are just more comfortable than a frame painting! I welcome you to explore further online. I

Modern Times in Melbourne continues its stream of exhibitions by Australian artists that you will WANT to own! The next in line (opening Aug 25 – 18 Sept) is the wonderful Elizabeth Barnett and her latest collection “Interiors”. The 24 painting offer real and imagined snapshots of rooms and the world of their inhabitants, all in Elizabeths painterly style and playful take on perspective. ………………… The word interiors tends to conjure up the manufactured perfection of designer homes featured in glossy magazines and coffee table books, however, Elizabeth’s work reclaims the

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