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I’d officially like to offer you Council of Objects as a must for any visit to Adelaide. This little treasure trove of local design and art was opened in 2011 and has now been followed up with an online store showcasing a smaller but beautiful range of objects. Below I’ve pulled together just a few options that might appeal to you all! Aside from being so beautifully crafted – there is some seriously clever decision making going on with a lot of this design as well. Enjoy!        Imagery supplied

Don’t be surprised if these poignant large scale prints look familiar – they are the work of Christchurch photographer Stacey Weaver and have, unsurprisingly, caught the eye of many top design stores. I also felt captivated on spotting them for the first time, surprised at how drawn I was to the imperfection and beauty found in the last days of a proud bloom. End of days isn’t always a bad thing! Stacey has followed up her debut range with the launch of her own online store for Just South West and

Lake Wanaka will always have a firm grip on my heart but I certainly can’t claim it as my own special place! Sarah and Rose Agnew of George & Edi also call it home and over the last 5 years have worked from their mountain base to explore their fascination with fragrance and “the ability it has to transform your home and your mood”. I think fragrance and its design is one of the most romantic creative endeavors….but by far the most difficult to communicate visually! So this latest shoot

Despite the fact the Winter is really still only dragging its feet in the door ….Spring and all its festive fun, is technically only a month away! Which is why this unrestrained collaboration bursting with pizzazz between Leititia Green and Murley and Co NEEDS to be shared now! The wonderful multi disciplinary artist; Letitia Green (who we introduced to you here) has joined forces with top creative milliner; Carla Murley to release a limited 8 piece collection of playful, patterned headpieces. They will be available exclusively through Carla’s studio and are part

Good & Co. need little introduction from me.  They have been a very familiar face (of the silky scarf variety) around Studio Home for many years! My spot in the industry down under has given me a super unique position to watch the evolution of many a brand, and I’m always surprised at the personal satisfaction I gain from witnessing their growth – both in terms of popularity AND product offering. Designer Lillie Toogood consistently gives me these good vibes with the release of each collection ! East Coast/West Coast might

This is what happens when a photographer, with a special eye for the drama of the natural world, can get airborne to study the UNESCO Heritage site of Shark Bay from above. This new collection of large scale photography called; “Salt And Sky” by Brooke Holm opens this Thursday 23rd at Modern Times in Melbourne and can be viewed until the 7th of July. Brooke is interested in both the tension and bond that exists simultaneously between humans and the natural world. The salt field landscapes that she captures are in her eyes provide “a

I’m excited to be introducing you to Edith Rewa! In all honesty, I’m pretty besotted with her work!!! Edith is heavily inspired by the native Australian bush the surrounds her home in the Blue Mountains. However, the fact she also has ” ….. one toe in Hobart and the other in Melbourne” allows her work to stray beyond a canvas to, what really are, some of my favourite silk scarves ever! The one below is most definitely going to be skipping the Tasman to live with me soon… Please take some

Aside from the genius presentation and styling of this collection of art by Amy Wright, its clear to see this Australian artist is a talent with a brush! Introducing “Fallowland”, a collection inspired by the idea where land must be allowed period of laying fallow, a time where human management is removed and the landscape is allowed to be reclaimed by the natural environment to recover it’s nutrient rich makeup. “The subjects that have inspired Fallowland are the quiet and forgotten border-scapes – the cliff face or flank of a canal bank;  the edge of land

I first introduced you to the interesting and beautiful world of Willie Weston last year. Co-founders Jessica Booth and Laetitia Prunetti have created a vehicle to work with Indigenous owned and operated art centres in remote communities across Australia and in turn; transform their work into modern, high quality textiles and product. Revisit that original post here.  They have now presented their follow up collection and I’ve got to say….have completely backed up and boosted their exciting design led project and its ethos. The  Ampilatwatja Collection presents the work of Artists

Without exception, a movie-like romance always sweeps through me when I step foot in a historical, botanical garden. It definitely the kind of place that people stumble across the love of the lives don’t you think?! Of course it is also a place of education and transformation! I have spent time pondering the effort required to cultivate these living collections way back when…. The conservatories were built in the time when the world felt bigger. Architects and botanists, in a way, attempted to make it smaller by creating these wondrous micro climates

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