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I LOVE calendar “season”!! To me it’s when my favourite down under illustrators inadvertently package up their amazing work into 12 pages without realizing that come the end of the year…I will be framing them all! Fantastic creative prezzies (sorry…too early for Christmas talk? ech!) So take them time to check out the awesome detail in this very cool calendar from a Studio Home favourite; Dear Colleen. Love love. Remember the sneak peek into her Dunedin Studio?

Erica Keppel returned to Melbourne’s World Heritage Exhibition building to suss out who the new kids on the block might be from the last time she attended! Made 590 For those of you who are familiar with Finders Keepers, it will come as little surprise to most of you, that when Studio Home’s Ju gave me the heads up regarding coverage of this month’s Finders Keepers Markets in Melbourne, I threw down my herb pruning shears, slapped on some lippy and peddled off on my pushy, desperate to check out the

Sorry! This is a bit of a photo dump as I try to balance getting some VERY exciting interviews for Fly the Coop:NYC out to you, compile my thoughts and share the exciting experience I had at The Blogcademy AND just damn well get out there amongst it all! I will warn you now that I think most content will slide on past your eyes in the next week or so after I am home. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy this glimpse of the amazing thriving sanctuary

Ok, I hope you enjoy these peeks into what I am up to this week! I hate it when blogs turn from one thing to another and you suddenly think “how the hell did THAT happen? and why am I here?” (eg. design blog + pregnancy = baby blog = I’m outties) But bear with me and join me on this weeks break as I take a breather, suck up some new scenes and gather a whole bucket load of inspiration and juice to crank Studio Home up another notch

But after 11.5 hours NZ-LA, 7 hours lay over, 6 hours LA-NYC, a dawn taxi ride with a rad man called Patchooko and the insane subconscious insistance that I should go for a look around, I wanted to share with you what I saw. All pics largely shot from the Circle Line Cruises of Manhattan and surrounds. This is an amazing place. Yes, it’s a whole lot of “city” but the standing record of time in layers of architecture was kind of mind blowing!  Keep track for my dailies on @studiohome

I am so partial too a hearty collaboration and especially for the humble pillowcase. Seriously the most under utilized easy decorative addition to the home! Nice one Father Rabbit and Gabrielle Hinchey!  

Studio Home favourite Kelly Thompson has been on a HUGE spurt of art creation of late, and true to style she has morphed and grabbed hold of a fresh new take on her signature aesthetic. I have loved seeing a steady (lightening speed) stream of these bold luscious girls appearing on FB and her website -they have a hole lot extra of grit compared to the sex kittens of the last series!  Also love purple hair. And saturated eye shadow.  

Gorman and artist Rhys Lee have pulled together one hell of an awesome graphic collaboration! I LOVE that print…it would look amazing as pillowcases and bedding as well. You can check out the rest of the special little range here.

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