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I had a bit of a sobfest on my drive out of Wanaka and that wee part of my life yesterday. Looking forward into the next few months there is no denying it is most likely going to be be one of the best adventures of my life! But that doesn’t remove the real sadness I had saying goodbyes to my amazing friends, town and mountains as I begin my pilgrimage to my new home; Auckland. Lucky for me the road North was too windy for too much crying AND

Apart from the luck in having the genetics to morph into a pixie-like bohemian bride, for the most part there are very few opportunities to don a magic flower crown! I just love these pics shot by Wellington photographer couple; Benjamin and Elise  for kiwi based online wedding magazine Mag Rouge. That beautiful jasmine wreath at the bottom would smell like heaven! Florals: Yvette @ The Piccadilly Flower Co. Makeup Artist: Amelia Gill Dresses: Kelsey Genna + Sally Eagle Models: Ezel + Hannah @ Kirsty Bunny Hairstylist: Dominique Whittaker Venue: Bolton Hotel

Aside from my very strong love of Lake Wanaka and her dramatic beauty, these images shot by Queenstown photographer Emily Adamson pull in more than just the magic of the scenery. Christine and Craig were the only ones at their wedding because they eloped (!!)…from Alaska (!!!!) and Emily was invited to capture their day. What an adventure and a privilage! You can see the whole album over here at Emily’s website.

Rebekah Codlin is obviously super talented and as it turns out she is also super young! On visiting her site I was gobsmacked at the gallery ( you know me and my addiction of photo realism!) especially considering it showcased work from when she was 16 years old. She is now 18 years old. I know.  

Hollie Martin is back at it again with her second solo show hitting up the walls of China Heights Gallery in Surrey Hills, Sydney. Once again there is her trade mark geometry and amazing use of colour. I’d definitely skip down for a look when it opens this coming Friday 5th of October.  

The Southern Lakes region of NZ is not at all renown for it’s street art scene, something I can vouch for having lived down here for six years. So when I was forwarded the link (thanks Norwood!) of this AMAZING piece of work by travelling Australian artist RONE recently completed in Queenstown I got super excited. I think it’s incredibly beautiful and whats more, take a look at the detail in the words….they are formed by scrubbing off the dirt and moss using a wire brush!

It’s Monday. What a better thing to do than look a pretty watercoloury girls by Caitlin Shearer. Her blog is just packed with one off commissions and they are all beautiful. If you like her style you should drop her a line and get your own watercoloury version of yourself!  

Sorry! It’s been a little long between these sneaks peeks so I am very pleased to get you back in the swing of things with the farm cottage inhabited by my cousin Tim and friend Camilla Stoddart, the super awesome photographer who I have blogged many a time. Enjoy. WHAT: The 1930’s farm cottage where I live and now call home. I work, play and live here. It is my nest. WHERE: It is on my boyfriend Tim’s high country merino farm in Tarras, near Wanaka New Zealand WHO: I am fortunate

I’ve never given you guys an official run down of my trip to Japan in January when I well and truly ditched you all for a little while! (sure you didn’t miss SH thaaaat much !!) It was definitely a once in a life time tour that not only combined an awesome crew of my friends but my first experience of being part of a specific media visit that involved A LOT of scheduling! We shot film and photos across 4 ski resorts in Nagano and as part of my membership

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