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Shannon Heath may be a run away Australian expat, currently based in Portland, USA BUT she is representing down under talent hard! After amassing a huge amount of experience working as a textile designer for well known brands (Mambo, Finders Keepers, Lee and Volcom among them) she has now moved her art practice a step beyond commissions to release her first collection of prints. Shannons “Other Worlds” series focuses on: “Creating artwork based on the visions of my subconscious has been a long time practice of mine. My dreams show

And to continue our unofficial Studio Home “Art Week”, I want to pull your attention next to the divine, provocative photography of Lilli Waters. I’ve followed Lilli’s work for years now, paying particular attention to her personal projects that so often concentrate on the female form and are always tinged with a kind of tense, sombre mood. This new body of work called “Pistil – Floral Seduction” has been created to be part of the ‘Phantom Paradise ~ A Tropical Abyss’ Exhibition at Saint Cloche Gallery (2-14th June) in Sydney.

Artist; KT Doyle dug deep into the local history of the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens and emerged with a mind full of inspiration after studying the plants cultivated by the founding director; Walter Hill during his service from 1855 – 1881. “When I learned that he was largely responsible for the development of the Botanic Gardens across Queensland and his tireless experimentation with plant varieties led to significant and prosperous agricultural exports for the state, I wanted to share the life of this little known man with the world! I

I’m very happy to kick off the week with an introduction I’ve been waiting patiently to offer you! Allow me to walk you into the world of New Zealand artist; Joe Helmore. He uses a colour palette which immediately pulls me in, but despite the soft tones and translucent brush strokes there is a real strength and boldness to the scenes he creates. Shady, thunder stormy memories… But hey, that’s just me…what do you think? Despite a move to Australia recently, anyone planning on attending the NZ Art Show in

The internet age has allowed an amazing freedom for the self starting creative and entrepreneurial types among us. It has offered not only a place to collate and be inspired but mainly to share and form a community of like minded people. In fact, I could go on about this amazing and awesome techno phenomenon for AGES!!! This is how Unna Burch first came to my attention. The Forest Cantina was Unna’s internet HQ where she gardened, cooked and styled up a storm in her Wellington home. Sharing her own experimentation

Rachel Carley is an Auckland based ceramicist producing a collection of dining ware that will have everyones grandmother screeching in nostalgia! Recently she has added to her range with the new Confetti Bowls and Grid Vessels, which sport some great retro texture and pattern to compliment the smoother, gently scalloped plates.  I’m also loving the additions to her colour palette with the rich rusty orange! Head over here for a browse. Imagery supplied and used with permission of Rachel Carley Photography by Delena Nathuran …….

I first came across the work of Chelsea Gustafsson about 2.5 years ago via my instagram travels. She was creating small works of art, often really quirky in their subject matter and combining her crazy talent at photo realist painting with embroidery. To me it was SO fresh and modern and beautiful! I’m pleased to share with you her latest work which is just as fascinating as all previous! Along with two other artists, Chelsea is sharing her “Yeah Nah” collection at Geelongs; Boom Gallery. How on EARTH she can recreate

I’ve followed clever NZ artist; Jen Sievers on instagram for some time but I’ve got to say….these new works of paint on perspex stopped me in my tracks! I LOVE the strange, kind of suspended effect it gives her sweeps of colour and just desperately wish that one lived at home for me to stare at in person… You can explore her world here plus this particular collection available online at Endemicworld (including originals on canvas AND a bright offering of prints! Something for everyone!) Can’t wait to see what’s

Attention Melbournites, you have yet ANOTHER brilliant show to attend at Modern Times! Local print maker; Ellie Malin is presenting a beautiful, bold collection of work called  “Old City, New World” in her highly recognisable style. “Spring greens, and oceanic blues draw in a world of nature while circles, arches and squares evoke memories of old worlds,” states Ellie. Large scale, brightly coloured shapes are individually inked and laid down layer by layer in a process that may take months from beginning to end. Compositions go from loose and chaotic to

Monmouth Glass Studio is rapidly becoming a modern icon of glass craft within our NZ shores and its VERY exciting to share with you the launch of online store! Yes! I hope those are squeals of joy from you all outside of Auckland! Isaac Katzoff and Stephen Bradbourne are the talented hands and eyes behind many a custom project and their growing range of recognisable lighting and tableware. Both artists are regular exhibitors of personal work and highly regarded in the glass blowing world! I’d recommend you have a good browse

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