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You hover your mouse over that glowing white room, awaiting the familiar red “Pin It” to pop up in the corner. It’s lofty paneled ceilings and character features are off set in styling magnificence with a perfectly distressed tan leather sofa, rusty toned kilim rug, artfully placed glossy pot plant with not much else. With a click’n’slide across the page it glides into your “Our Home” folder, joining the 2594 other images that live there. The satisfaction of it sitting in easy reach is of little comfort now, as, despite

“Home is the heart of life.Home is where we feel at ease, where we belong, where we create surrounds that reflect our tastes and pleasures. Making a home is a form of creativity open to everyone”.– Terence Conran   Hear that? Your interpretation of ‘home’ is your personal creative right. For all those that quake in their boots at choosing the “right” paint colour, dining room chairs or even bed linen with the ache of wondering if it is “cool” and “now” – it’s time to REALLY let all that

The only interior decorating book my Mum had when I was growing up was “The Seasonal Home” by Kristin Perers. I think she received it for a birthday one year, but it wasn’t long before I shuffled it into my own book shelf, referring to its pages even now, some 25 years later! The author offers a really rustic and romantic set of decoration ideas around transforming our homes in reaction to the changing seasons. She demonstrates this with achingly perfect examples involving changeable loose covers on sofa’s and glowing

ART. My guilty pleasure. Sigh…. A piece of art to me, is something with a story. Either attached to its subject matter or the person who created it. Art ain’t that generic canvas pulled from a stack at a chain store….although by all means buy up on those frames! Art is food for the soul and a visual treasure that becomes part of your “home”, wherever that might be. Something that you can attach memories to, not fire at the bin when you sense that “trend” is over. Despite moving town

Indoor Plants One of my favourite NZ artists and creative minds; Anna Church recently defined an “Interior Enviromentalist” in a piece on her blog. “Interior Environmentalists love introducing nature into their homes through pot plants, cut flowers, art or textiles”  – Anna Church : artist/stylist/person who lives in a home   The description rang as true to me as my star sign profile (I’m a Cancer through and through man!) and gave me a blazing green light to UP my pot plant quota. Not something everyone in the household was

This year I have moved into a “forever” home. Despite being in my mid-thirties, this is a new thing for me as I’ve moved town every 3 years without fail since leaving school. While no crystal ball can tell me if I really will be here long term, for once the intention is totally there and a blue villa in Linwood, Christchurch is where this lockdown begins. This lack of “permanence” to my living situation over the years certainly hasn’t been an issue when it comes to making a rented

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