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Danielle Clayton is a kiwi girl who spotted, then filled the gap for a female focused surf blog providing a spotlight on independent surf brands for girls that rip! Since her launch in 2011 she has inadvertently found herself running a thriving indie label herself, harbouring a work ethic you would relate to someone executing their life long business dreams! Danny has this terrific energy around her – you know, one of those people that you hope you might be able to rein into your circle of friends! Over my 3 weeks in

It was one of my favourite days of my 3 week trip to Bali when Christine Lafian scooped me up and proceeded to give me an incredible peek behind the scenes of not only the manufacturing process of her brand SUKU Home, but also the life of her Indonesian family and friends. With one foot in Melbourne and the other in Bali, Chrissy has spent much time relentlessly researching and building partnerships with skilled makers in her homeland to bring to life the dreamy style of homeware that reflects her own

For the majority of my 3 weeks in Bali, I was kindly given residence at “Villa a la Bon Vivant” – the airy HQ of Stuart Musgrave and his leather accessories brand; BNVVT.  Being a newbie to tropical Indonesia, waking up to this white-washed, open living house with a pool practically in the kitchen and terraced rice fields over the back fence was downright exotic! I had been following Stu and BNVVT for about a year and while I am sure he appreciated the posts, he was certainly wasn’t obliged to

As I sat down to chat with Kokako Coffee’s front man; Mike Murphy I was preparing myself for the rundown of this passion project turned growing empire. I imagined he was going to tell me he started drinking coffee at 3 years old and was now living his dream….instead I found myself, ears pricked, listening to a fascinating story about business based spirit, an intense self starting attitude and the respectful transformation of one couples ethical start up into an exciting industry leader. Photo by Sarah Grace ……. Mike Murphy

This feature is an all time favourite. My visit to Balquhidder House in Napier, the headquarters of the artistic, fearless and creative Culy family was meant to be a relatively fleeting one.  Gunning to be there for about an hour and a half I was forcing myself to leave out of politeness after five…. Despite it being a year on (Time! Where did you go!), revisiting my notes and screes of photos had me once again dreaming of being a resident and member of their crew. There is an amazing

In April 2014 I headed to the South Island with a 2 week road trip planned a head of me.  I looked over my loose itinerary taking me from Queenstown to Wellington and pinpointed a spare 24 hour hours, naming it “Jon Thom Day”. While there are SO many more people that I want to meet in Dunedin, I had a small window which involved a 7 hour round trip drive and room for just one interview in the southern city – and I was determined more than ever that I would

Frankie Ratford as photographed and interviewed by Sarah Allen for Studio Home  ……   Entering into my fourth and final year of study, I have found myself feeling rather overwhelmed by the intense year ahead, and even more overwhelmed that I am one step closer to being a graduate and looking for a job in the ‘real world’! Julia had been spending some time with fellow web buddies; Frankie Ratford and Yve Johnson from The Design Kids (TDK) who are visiting from Australia and had arranged for me to meet up

Emma Kaniuk as photographed by Sarah Allen …… Hi, Sarah Allen here! I have been working behind the scenes with Studio Home since July this year. As a graphic design student, Julia and I have had many discussions around what content would inspire and inform students and grads across all creative fields. This conversation finally morphed into a new feature series exploring the stories of and gleaning nuggets of advice from top creative professionals. The “Real World” series includes photography and interviews by me (!) and I am so excited to

Late last week I decided it was FINALLY time that I got through the front doors of Mr. Bigglesworthy’s Auckland showroom. I’ll be honest – I had buried my head in the sand every time a beautiful collection of international finds was announced as I had them truly pigeonholed as permanently out of my league. But, I found out that wasn’t entirely true…. Emma and Dan Eagle scour New Zealand and the world for exceptional examples of Mid Century Modern Furniture and original design aimed to make your heart skip

Its no secret that I am a fan girl of interior designer /stylist /writer /maximalist /teacher /shop keeper /colour nut /wife and mother; Alex Fulton. I connected with her years ago during the early days of design blogging in NZ, and then in person in the midst of the sweaty midnight mosh pit at Rippon Festival in early 2012. That night she ripped off her bracelet of rainbow coloured glow beads and forced me to take them – that was it for me. I was hers ! Since then its not

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