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I was lucky enough to have an interview take me out into the rural belt of farmland just bordering the rugged West Coast yesterday. That was a refreshing detour from the city in itself! But with time on my side and just 10 minutes of curly road between me and the wild Muriwai beach I decided that was probably the best use of a Wednesday afternoon. I hope you enjoy the pictures from this beautiful coastal haven. I’d only been out there once before and had forgotten how lush the drive

I’m fully aware that to many the mere mention of the “Gold Coast” conjures visions of grubby white 80’s sky rises, skin tight clothing and for many kiwi’s an unavoidable cringe at the thought of a certain reality tv show… but after 10 days in the area I feel compelled to correct this misguided popular opinion. Tarring the entire region with that brush would be like saying Hawaii is Waikiki. Surfers Paradise and her glossy amusement park sidekicks serve their purpose but all my prejudices were shattered on meeting creative locals, cruising

I just wanted to share a couple of pics from a fairly awesome afternoon I had on Lake Wanaka last Sunday. It was the first time I have visited since leaving to live in Auckland last October and I may well have learnt my lesson. Best not to return to that beautiful bubble until I am ready to move back for good! A very special time with very special people has left me a little sun drenched and emotional. Put this place on your bucket list. Please. Sooner rather than later. xo

I was just finishing up sorting out some holiday pics to send to my family and thought that I’d share my Christmas Day with you. With my sister in Tasmania for an in-laws Christmas, I joined Mum and Dad, my Aunt, Uncle and cousins for a hot day on the Waiau River. One awesome part of my childhood was growing up on a farm bordering the river and jetboating was something we did a lot. We headed downstream for about 20 minutes or so and found a grassy bank with

So I now have my feet planted firmly on the terra firma of central Auckland and here they shall stay for a little while as I get to ticking off some of the projects that have been buzzing in my head for the last 6 months!   Kaikoura Coast If you are keen for a quick little pictorial tour, I snapped some shots on my way north on Tuesday from my parents little spot in North Canterbury, up the Kaikoura coast, skipped through the Marlborough Sounds and over the Cook

And this is the photo dump to beat them all! I have just so many more but could only bear to squeeze it down this much for you. With all the planning and excitement around my trip to New York, I had really done no planning or even thinking about my 3 day stop in San Francisco.  I guess this was mostly due to the fact that I was going to be staying with my friend Stephen and just going with the flow as opposed to my solo missions and

Sorry! This is a bit of a photo dump as I try to balance getting some VERY exciting interviews for Fly the Coop:NYC out to you, compile my thoughts and share the exciting experience I had at The Blogcademy AND just damn well get out there amongst it all! I will warn you now that I think most content will slide on past your eyes in the next week or so after I am home. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy this glimpse of the amazing thriving sanctuary

Ok, I hope you enjoy these peeks into what I am up to this week! I hate it when blogs turn from one thing to another and you suddenly think “how the hell did THAT happen? and why am I here?” (eg. design blog + pregnancy = baby blog = I’m outties) But bear with me and join me on this weeks break as I take a breather, suck up some new scenes and gather a whole bucket load of inspiration and juice to crank Studio Home up another notch

But after 11.5 hours NZ-LA, 7 hours lay over, 6 hours LA-NYC, a dawn taxi ride with a rad man called Patchooko and the insane subconscious insistance that I should go for a look around, I wanted to share with you what I saw. All pics largely shot from the Circle Line Cruises of Manhattan and surrounds. This is an amazing place. Yes, it’s a whole lot of “city” but the standing record of time in layers of architecture was kind of mind blowing!  Keep track for my dailies on @studiohome

I had a bit of a sobfest on my drive out of Wanaka and that wee part of my life yesterday. Looking forward into the next few months there is no denying it is most likely going to be be one of the best adventures of my life! But that doesn’t remove the real sadness I had saying goodbyes to my amazing friends, town and mountains as I begin my pilgrimage to my new home; Auckland. Lucky for me the road North was too windy for too much crying AND

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