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When Cook and Nelson explained their new food  “hamper” concept, my interest was definitely piqued. But on actually receiving it, un-packing it and gleefully experimenting with all it’s products, I have no problems in screaming my support of this concept! You’d be hard pushed to find anything similar on the market presented with such outrageous attention to detail. This is a foodie/visual persons dream gift with 9 top end, artisan products plucked and packed from all corners of the world ….and that’s only the start of it! Just to reiterate, it’s not I

I loved looking through the campaign imagery for Kip & Co’s AW’17 collection – as it, once again, reminded me that this is a brand to be bent around any personality. Below you will see some disco-ey glitz followed by some decadent “at home time” (if only all our homes were as gorgeous…) plus kids of all ages mingling with popcorn duvets and crazy donut sheets. My head would have blown off had I been able to snuggle into something so vibrant and cool in my youth! Their designs can explode

I’m so glad that I’ve moved onto to this Q+A format as it’s not just YOU gaining a deeper insight into the brands and work featured here! At face value, I truly do love Fazeek; an Australian brand sporting punchy graphics but in tones that don’t blow your socks off. I love the fact that I could have a table cloth to go with my cushion or mix and match with reverse coloured napkins. The baskets are quirky and cool in their slightly muddy tones …totally up my ally. But it

I’m really stoked to present you with our first contributed story inline with Studio Home’s new richer, looser format celebrating our NZ/AUS creative industry. This one comes from Tessuti, a beautiful store based in Auckland but doors wide open to the world and their detail driven customers online. Owner Ali McIntosh has cemented herself a loyal following due to her ongoing passion for artisan made products and celebrating the makers themselves. Obviously this is something we share too! So its a pleasure to bring you an interview the Tessuti recently undertook

Hi everyone! This is a rather fitting introduction to lead with for the brand new year! I’m always gunning for a new slate, new rituals and the intention to look after myself much better. “Bodha is a collection of modern wellness products designed to help you come back to yourself. Based on the belief that feeling connected is the key to happiness our line engages your senses through the power of ritual and aromatherapy.” I would struggle to have introduced bodha any better than founder; Emily L’Ami does above. This

Gifting something purely handmade is super special …. but I’m pretty keen on leaving the “actual making” to the experts! In this case it would be two Australian makers with a passion for their natural environment and some skills to boot. Angus McDiarmid of Pan Pottery (based at Lake Weyba, Noosa Heads, QLD) used a traditional wood fire kiln, kick wheel and hand dug local clays for his work. Each pot, and in this instance, travel cup is completely unique as the clay and fire decide the finish. Angus has joined creative

I’m really excited to share this brilliant new local brand as I think it will music to the ears of MANY of you with sensitive skin…..but still bound by your duty to CLEAN! Real World is the result of some real world problems for a real world Mum! Hawkes Bay based Nicola Mossman had reached the end of her tether when it came to her dry, sensitive hands suffering from the daily dunking in hot soapy water when cooking/cleaning for a family of six. On speaking to friends and comparing the deep cracks

Hunting for George continue on their path to be your one-stop-shop for quality Australian design, art and homeware. They really are the champion of the independent designer and have slotted themselves in there too! Their new collection; ‘Clifton’ is inspired by summers spent in the sleepy Tasmanian, seaside town of the same name, as remembered by co-founders/sisters; Lucy Glade Wright and Jo Harris.  “I wanted this collection to represent everything we love about Summer holidays. Our fondest memories are from our holiday’s spent at Clifton Beach. Extremely understated and surrounded by

Page Thirty Three continue on their own path – creating strong, beautiful products that really are unlike most of their kind! Consistently adding to their Ritual collection …the updates are sexy, modern and refined proving a little luxury doesn’t need to be fussy! Explore their refined incense and oil burners (some you might not immediately recognise!), bath brews and treatments, candle packs, essential oils and even a leather pilates roller! Welcome to the future of rewarding your senses.  All imagery supplied by and used with permission of Page Thirty Three ………………….

Curio Noir is NZ’s answer to fragrance royalty. Tested and critiqued by some of the worlds best noses, the luxury local brand has just expanded their delicious world to include a new collection of parfum AND a flagship store in Auckland. The highly concentrated scent can be found in little 5 ml pocket bottles or housed in one off, hand blown glass bottles by Monmouth Glass Studio.  The store is designed for the senses as well – a product of work completed with exciting New Zealand designer Rufus Night.  As

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