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  Designer Elizabeth Soljak and Frankie Well, I certainly can’t complain on how I spent my Tuesday morning this week! I swanned around in the new A La Robe showroom and studio, soaking up the lush ethereal fabrics and luxurious vibe. And there wasn’t a shred of guilt as I oohed and ahhed over endless amazing garments as designer Elizabeth Soljak reminded me ” You don’t have to be getting married to wear a pretty dress”. Word. Positioned road side at the very top of the Parnell stretch, A La

I am such a fan of talented Australian photographer;  Samm Blake and on seeing this wedding I became a massive fan of this bride too! I just LOVE the drama and difference she has added to her day which obviously reflects her own personal style. That soft blue ruffled dress, bridesmaids garlands and sensational headpiece and necklace for the reception. There are a million more images over on Samm’s blog so go check them out!  

New (to me!) kiwi handbag brand MYDEERFOX not only uses beautiful vegetable tanned leather but is offering an amazing range of truly unique and interesting designs. Beautiful, modern, clean.        

Because of my incessant internet trawling, my brain actually starts to pulse when I think about settling on options for Christmas presents! Tooo maaannny opppttiooons! But I realise that not all of you have your eyes scanning the internet constantly so I thought I would offer you a little help! I asked the awesome Studio Home advertisers to put together some info (and it looks like some cheeky offers too!) and I strongly suggest you have a visit, tick some boxes, talk to your credit card nicely and support these creative online

I almost feel that I need to apologise for not putting The Print Society in front of you sooner! I am just in LOVE with their aesthetic, their colours, their patterns and their pom poms! Sydney based and yes they have an online store.  

I am sure many of you are familiar with kiwi online design mecca; Clever Bastards. For those of you that aren’t you are in for a treat. Clever Bastards is a long running, carefully curated store that collects together some of the best NZ designers and their products across art, homewares, furniture, jewellery, lighting and much more. Below are some of the pieces that really jump out at me, but there really is something in there for everyone. They have a great section that profiles specific designers and updates to

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have a snoop around the Meadowlark HQ in central Auckland. This was creativity central! I loved seeing the jewellery that I covet in its raw form, getting wrestled into glistening, shiny little pieces of love that people treasure. That might sound a bit sappy but seriously! I got to see first hand the time and effort put in by a small team that have managed to resist the outsourcing of every element of construction and instead work on every piece themselves. This holds a lot

It’s that delicious time of year again when Lillie Toogood returns from her travels, sifts through her beautiful photos and gets to working out the next Good & Co. silk scarf range. The ones pictured are only half of the new collection which you can check out on their website.

Considering how much silly old flat matte black I wear…I almost don’t understand why these images give me heart palpitations?!(in a good way!) Is there a colourful crazy person on the inside trying to get out?! The cure might lie in one of Erin Lightfoot’s new ceramic bangles or vases. Beautiful.

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