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By the time the day rolled around to head to Noho and meet with Luke Harwood at his New York coffee spot, I was feeling like a bit of a map reading, subway riding pro. I stomped around the streets of Soho ticking off all the stores I had promised myself I would check out then wandered the couple of blocks north to Bond Street and Happy Bones NYC. I managed to walk past the sandwich board outside twice (duh!) before realising that I needed to walk through a boutique eye-ware store

Polli has just added to their accessories empire with the release of some new wooden jewellery. I also LOVE these sneak peek behind the scenes shots of their HQ. This sort of stuff fascinates me.    

Would you agree that sometimes stores “just get it right” and sometimes, you walk in on the cusp of a new season and it seems completely outta whack with what you felt sure they were going to offer. Country Road is as trusted in NZ as it is in its birth place; Australia and after visiting yesterday I walked out swearing. Damn. They have just got it SO RIGHT at the moment! One of my favourite products is their iconic tote and I love their new pattern and colour combos.

When I decided to forge ahead and get my networking hat on, to track down subjects for these New York interviews, Kelly Reid was at the top of my list. A year or so ago I had spotted a little mention about her Brooklyn based leather handbag line; Reid Damnit in a Frankie Magazine, which had led me to hunt her down online and subsequently post about her.  Luckily for me, she is not only supremely nice she is also really well connected and it was on her referral that

Well…I pretty much am a loud and proud cat person (kind of have to be considering my cat…he has food issues…) so this awesome, creative collab between my favourites; Meadowlark and the New Zealand SPCA is right up my alley. And there’s something for everyone! T-shirts (mini and grown up!), mugs, tote bags and that necklace! If you are keen to jump in and support the annual “Paws Week Appeal” then visit SPCA to purchase all but the necklace which you need to pop by Meadowlark to do.

Yes, yes and yes please. So Little Time were one of Erica’s favourites at the Melbourne Finders Keepers and after a solid bit of time procrastinating at their Etsy store….I totally agree!

Erica Keppel returned to Melbourne’s World Heritage Exhibition building to suss out who the new kids on the block might be from the last time she attended! Made 590 For those of you who are familiar with Finders Keepers, it will come as little surprise to most of you, that when Studio Home’s Ju gave me the heads up regarding coverage of this month’s Finders Keepers Markets in Melbourne, I threw down my herb pruning shears, slapped on some lippy and peddled off on my pushy, desperate to check out the

With her trademark “dark and ominous” undertones Alicia Hannah Naomi has added to her online presence with the establishment of her new store and website to support her jewellery line. Aside from those awesome campaign pics I really do have a weakness for her chunky raw jewellery. Love her aesthetic? You should follow her tumblr too.

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