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Instagram is proving to be a valuable channel for discovering new talent for me -and one example of this was stumbling across the Australian brand Stampel. Using natural and reclaimed materials Stampel has an awesome quirky range of jewellery, faceted wooden vases and some very impressive macrame action! These beautiful photographs of Andrea’s home were taken by Olga Bennett for Peppermint Mag.  You honestly just can’t beat white walls as a fresh background to everything!    

Sorry about the slightly gap-ish posting this week! I am juggling last week of work wrap up, tidying up the end of my Wanaka days, getting in quality time with my crew and somehow pinning my mind to the back of my head when it takes off into dream time over the impending Blogcademy and NYC adventure.….stop it! In the mean time, my ring fetish continues and I would very much like to add this little equestrian number from A Skulk of Foxes to my collection.

I’m excited to share the brand new bridal range from young NZ designer Kelsey Genna for a few reasons: #1 we have watched her work grow and mature from the early pieces I blogged when she was a teenager yet she still retains her signature style. #2 when I say “mature”…all the range below is designed by a 21 year old (!!) #3 Kelsey hasn’t just done 3 or 4 dresses, she has produced a full and large collection and I really think she is offering a style that is

The mother/daughter team behind Ink & Stitch offer an awesome example of the power of presentation. Their bags are simple and functional with minimal but beautiful detail BUT they went all out armed with creativity for these campaign shots! Instantly they have added attitude and fun to a very simple product and I find myself looking for the “add to cart” button.      

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