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Art meeting fashion can often be an explosion of confusion which is why I LOVE this collaboration for its mad but ordered meeting of minds! Annie Abbott, the design brains behind top Australian shoe brand Habbot invited WA artist; Emma Lipscombe to work together on meshing Emma’s bold graphic art with their sleek, Italian made footwear. The resulting capsule collection of lace ups, loafers and a clutch has been directly inspired by a singular piece of work created by Emma. Both parties involved have highly recognisable aesthetics and work to explore which

  I’ve been following the super creative slant of Australian based brand; Sollis for many years now. The new collection by designer Eleanor Ford is entitled ‘Kuba’ and draws its inspiration from African Kuba and Mbuti textile patterns. As a major fan of brass I’m loving the bold additions on the necklaces…and those earrings!! Take some time to explore this super unique and intricate brand – a true breath of fresh air!      All imagery supplied by and used with permission of Sollis ………….

Du Zen are back with their take on “stuff” carriers and some colour combo’s that make me smirk and nod in agreement. Although they are only presenting their second collection it is MOST obvious that the industrial design brain of Samantha Rogers is set firm in her own strong aesthetic and prefers to dance away from the safe and the norm. This is reflected quirky, streamlined design of her bags and wallets as well as the top notch quality and luxe level leathers used in their Melbourne workshop. Explore all here.  All imagery supplied

Yes – every season you find me sharing the latest from Good + Co for the simple reason that every season I find good reason to lust after their work!! Good + Co. continue to use their exotic travels as inspiration and imagery for their silk, wool and cotton/linen scarves. The result is a beautiful abstract mix of colour and line when worn wrapped or a full image (sometimes reflected) when open. The materials are total luxury and as someone who road tests one of each style, they seriously last

I always feel that the collections of Juliette Hogan seem to tread this amazing line of fresh and new vs being unmistakably from her workroom. I think thats incredibly impressive don’t you? Anyway, the new Autumn collection; “Perspective” has just dropped online and in stores and is full of her signature luxe, floaty fabrics and glam silhouettes against slouchy pants and cosy jerseys. Love it all.  All imagery supplied by and posted with permission of Juliette Hogan …..

There’s a first time for everything …. and today that is Studio Home throwing a spotlight on the state of your dog’s wardrobe! Camp Cloon is a kiwi based canine fashion and accessories brand that is rightfully experiencing some great success on the animal lovers world stage! While we all know I am fond of the felines AND to be honest not picking a solid stance on pets and t-shirts….I definitely felt compelled to share this lighthearted collection with you as its quite simply cool! | Particularly loving the puffer

Here’s a nice joining of hands and skills for the beginning of the new year! The team at Walter Crow, in an effort to push beyond their masculine collection of accessories and jewellery, have worked closed with Auckland based, Zora Bell Boyd to release a range of rings based on a fictional tale involving the deadly plant; Hemlock Water Dropwort. Certainly sounds grim right?!! But the resulting 5 rings are definitely mysterious, magical and precious despite their organic finish. The story setting the scene for the collaboration finds Walter Crow, the fictional

Shuh Lee is one exciting creative force! I am LOVING her latest and greatest which weaves art through jewellery, homeware, textiles and more! While I really can’t decide my total favourite I’ve got to admit I’d be happy with one of every single pillowcase …. Explore here. Imagery supplied by and posted with permission of Shuh Lee Photography by Ben Christensen …..

I’m so happy to introduce you to one of NZ’s best kept secrets! Recently I met two young designers called Matt Genefaas and Daniel Craig in their new headquarters; The Friday Studios. I was dumbstruck at the space they had created as well as their boundless energy and smarts when it came to their ideas for it. But as I looked around the open plan display area my brain started to pulse as I took in the products that they have designed and/or made for not one, but TWO of their businesses. There

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