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The term ‘Mid Century Modern’  is readily flung around by furniture stores, magazines and bloggers like a little hook to lure you in. Hey, its not the only catchy catch phrase out there that glows with trendy interior promises – but if you, like me, have grown a little confused about “what” sort of style it relates too, then let me help clarify.  In cahoots with local Mid Century design experts (real ones!); Mr Bigglesworthy, I ducked back into student research mode in an attempt to offer you a 10

To some that follow my posts on my personal instagram or even have a swipe through #thebluehousenz, you might get the impression that I have my personal interior style pretty firmed up. I definitely know that I’ve also been drawn to layers of texture, a dose of nature, a spray of colour (but only muddy!) and love a bit of weathered, old, mis-treated furniture! But given an unlimited budget like a Lotto win, I think I would be in SERIOUS trouble. My house (actually “houses” plural, no doubt) would be

Last year I slotted in on the judging panel for the annual Bolt of Cloth Textile Design Award. Just like the year before, it was thrilling to see the short lists and degree of talent in the locally submitted work (bodes well New Zealand!!). While Bolt of Cloth provide a version of heaven for fabric loving makers and decorators; I tip my hat to their committed effort at spotlighting domestic design talent with this ongoing project. Of course, there was one entry that rose to the top for all three of

Above: Bolt of Cloth Textile Design Award Winner 2016 – Hilary Knox! Photography by Larnie Nicolson for Homestyle Magazine ……. Last year I was lucky to be given the opportunity to help in judging the annual Bolt of Cloth Textile Design Award. I’ve been an eager witness to the winning designs from the years previous and to be allowed to officially offer an opinion was a new and exciting thing for me! I met with Bolt of Cloth chiefess; Suz Tonascia in their Christchurch HQ where we methodically worked through their

Late last year my friend and talented photographer; Bonny Stewart-MacDonald flew to Auckland and spent a morning taking some pics of my Auckland “studio/home”. In hindsight I realise now that her visit has documented my spot in the world for the last 3 years and a really cool and exciting time in the development of Studio Home and all its projects (successful/unsuccessful/almosts/maybe next times…) While I have now begun to nest and create a new HQ in Christchurch, the ideas and MANY hours alone with my computer in that Auckland

The Messervy House is tucked away in the Christchurch suburb of Ilam. It’s a home designed by Allan Mitchener specifically for the needs of a young family in 1964 and has managed to not only survive earthquakes but also the threat of falling into the hands of aggressive owners keen to “improve” on its unique design features. Lucky for this place it was found and recently, lovingly restored to its original glory by a design sensitive local couple – only the house’s second set of owners over the last 50+ years! Now, faced with

You heard it hear first my friends! This has been an announcement looooong in the planning, designing and making and well….it is SO worth the wait!  My sister from another mister; Alex Fulton has patiently worked alongside clever Hardhat Design to create an online store with as much attitude and atmosphere that she injects into her real world spaces. The AFD Store differs from its bricks’n’mortar sibling (based at The Vines Village in Marlborough) with an innovative approach to offering you regular and select injections of product. Today’s debut of the

Imagery courtesy of Frankie Spaces Photography by Natalie McComas …… How about this place?! I have been flicking through the new issue of Frankie Spaces – and like the hidden, personality packed home of Jennifer Hillhouse and JC Lehuby, there are another 28 to explore from both sides of the Tasman! Real homes and spaces…you know ones with grit and perhaps too much clutter and memories plastered all over the show! Jennifer and JC are a super creative couple who source and import French treasures and furniture to sell in their

Talk about lustworthy location and a roll of suppliers that reads like the “A” team of local creative talent! Talented photographer and Kinfolk gathering pro; Greta Kenyon stepped things up a notch for the ” A Feast for the Eyes ” themed dinner by hiring the dramatic Silo’s in Aucklands Wynyard Quarter. Dreamy location yes but it needs to be noted from the start that there were NO facilities here. No running water and certainly no cooking facilities which posed an amazing challenge for the Mondays Whole Foods team who

Etsy AU have been getting creatives in their efforts to advocate their down under sellers. In a cool move they took over a room at The Cullen hotel in Melbourne and let the creative duo of Marsha Golemac and Brooke Holm loose on it. The pair handpicked products from Etsy’s Australian community to demonstrate the potential of furnishing a space from the quality goods on offer and well…..I was impressed! Botanical designers; Loose Leaf got busy in the courtyard and all in all a total of 40 Etsy sellers were

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