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Hunting for George offer one damn inspiring success story of small business smarts if you ask me! I have followed their consistent (and good looking!) growth for 6 years, watching their unique curation of brands combine with their own creative prowess in designing their own product range as well. So obviously, these rather dreamy shots of their latest range styled into some kind of mythical Melbourne loft, caught my attention once again and I definitely wanted to share with you all. Their latest in-house offering is the “Loft” collection. This is

 Audrina Heng – “Oil Diffuser and Pourer” Once again local NZ design leaders; Douglas and Bec have stepped in to mentor our emerging talent in AUT’s Industrial design students. Over a 12 week course they focus on developing and transferring the use of artisanal materials in product design to become commercially viable and successful. A valuable process to learn!! Students were briefed to design a small object, a light or piece of furniture and explore the use of materials like wood, clay, plastics and stone to a point of refinement that

Our friends down at Hawkes Bay based online store; MEKKA have been up to some work. Not only adding to their highly curated collection of handmade goods for the foodies out there BUT also getting busy in their own workshop developing an in house collection. Cue wooden spoons, rolling pins, chopping/serving boards and I have no doubt, many more! Its pleasure to browse and the high level of craftsmanship involved in every single product simply can’t be missed. Shop local x All imagery supplied and used with permission of MEKKA

Meet the King Dome series of lights – a very modern but regal affair created by design wiz kids; Dowel Jones for Woodmark. A sleek and simple light made of spun metal and rods available in 3 variations. A god send for the industrial enthusiast or strict minimalist! You can explore more of Dowel Jones here and browse more of the collaborations with Australian designers facilitated by Woodmark here.  Imagery supplied by and used with permission of Dowel Jones Photography by Cricket Ink …..

It’s a great feeling to share the latest goods from the Swiden studio considering our first post was wayyyy back in late 2010 with designer; Charlotte Swiden’s debut collection of trays, teatowels and coasters! Looking back between then and now, its strangely reassuring to see the wide and beautiful collection listed in the Swiden online store most definitely still harks from the same aesthetic they began with 6 years ago. With roots in Sweden but a home in Australia, Charlotte has grown her offering to now include largescale wall hangings,

I’m so happy to introduce you to one of NZ’s best kept secrets! Recently I met two young designers called Matt Genefaas and Daniel Craig in their new headquarters; The Friday Studios. I was dumbstruck at the space they had created as well as their boundless energy and smarts when it came to their ideas for it. But as I looked around the open plan display area my brain started to pulse as I took in the products that they have designed and/or made for not one, but TWO of their businesses. There

I’m SO happy to bring you this follow up to the product that kicked off the TEAM.WORK collaboration project! Just 18 months ago I met with designers Mike Grobelny and Nikolai Sorenson of Trestle Union and floated the idea of pot plant stands. In true form, they knocked around some ideas, experimented with prototypes and arrived at a design which is distinctly true to both of our brands and has proved to be a favourite for many of you. It has been super satisfying to see the stands popping up in your homes

I consider myself so lucky to have recently spent a few days on an island with a young, passionate creative soul called Indigo Greenlaw (there were also others on this island too!) Indigo and I were both invited to speak as part of the 2015 A Bit More Soul photography retreat and while I talked on the relatively light and dry subject of social media for small biz, I joined 40 others to sit captivated to hear the talk delivered by Indigo. She outlined her part in The Paper Rain Project launched

We’ve been in touch with husband and wife team Jess and Brendan Ibbett of SHELF/LIFE for the entirety of their business, 7 whole years of it! Having decided to make the move to an online only presence for a while, they have had the time to concentrate on producing their own products. While still a mecca for exploring the work of independent designers, you can now meet their OSLO planter range: – Locally cut and powder coated metal frames from Sydney – All metalwork completed by hand by Brendan – Each

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