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That’s right! With Studio Home ticking over into her 9th year I have once again examined what both you and I want from this site. The internet, in its wild fluidity, is such an exciting place to experiment, reinvent and quite simply, make your own rules. Given that this is a blog, freely accessed by you at any time of your day at no cost, I feel unrestricted and flexible when making changes to present you guys. You’ve been along for the ride for a while now! Ultimately it’s important to me

Merry end of 2016! Just a last check in before Studio Home has a wee gin and tonic in the sun while we turn the leaf for 2017. Writing this reminds me a lot of the Christmas time family “newsletters” that used to whizz round ( both sides of my family are large!) – first by mail, then there were the fax years and finally, artfully put together as photo filled pdfs. You’d get a run down of each family members latest and to be honest…it was kind of nice! I

Late last year my friend and talented photographer; Bonny Stewart-MacDonald flew to Auckland and spent a morning taking some pics of my Auckland “studio/home”. In hindsight I realise now that her visit has documented my spot in the world for the last 3 years and a really cool and exciting time in the development of Studio Home and all its projects (successful/unsuccessful/almosts/maybe next times…) While I have now begun to nest and create a new HQ in Christchurch, the ideas and MANY hours alone with my computer in that Auckland

I really hope you are staring down the barrel of some GREAT down time over the next few weeks! For the first time in years I have decided to take a real proper digital holiday,  meaning no posts or social media activity until the 11th of Jan (we’ll see if I can stick to that!) I’m going to be spending Christmas and New Year in the Southern Lakes followed by the rest of January in Christchurch and surrounds …… getting used to my “soon to be” permanent base! Yes! Change

Okay – I’ll admit that I woke up feeling a little nervous when I realised I had ambitiously declared I would deliver you some demystifying photography advice! I mean ….. its unlikely I know much more than you BUT if there’s one thing I do know how to do, its use the internet to find out the answers to everything and I have some favourite spots to share with you. The questions below are ones that I have wondered myself and not been all that willing to ask! I also share

I discovered my love of taking photos purely by accident and entirely out of necessity. When I began wanting to interview and share stories with you, I found myself in the rather boring position of simply having to take the pics myself – there was no budget floating around to hire a pro. It was pure bloody luck that I actually loved the photography the most (and that you guys seemed to like it too?!) and armed with a basic 15 min editing lesson from Camilla I began experimenting. I learnt that

My “fresh new year” pic for effect! ….. For 2015 we decided to take a fresh look at how Studio Home would work with the brands in our local design industry, the format and opportunities we offer them to have a valuable presence on the site AND how this would be presented in a way that is interesting and engaging to YOU! It was time to shake things up a little! We have made some basic tweaks to our format – for example, the sidebar going back to the left and a more obvious and

I am SO pleased to bring you the second collaboration in the TEAM.WORK project! Now that I have this format to explore, I am never without ideas knocking around my head! In the case of this merry union with sister’s Kate Lett and Kirsty Coles of KM2 Creative, it all began when I had been admiring some of their prints-on-ply online then stumbled across their collection of felt ball garlands. I have and always will be a sucker for purely ornamental items for the home and while I loved the concept and flexibility

This is quite a meaty post but I hope to offer you all an insight into the Bali that I saw over my three weeks AND the one that skirts the sparkly resorts and packed shopping streets! While I was SO lucky to find myself absorbed in the daily life of those clever NZ/AUS creative brands that I was visiting, I found that I was having a totally different experience to friends that had been before. I was asked if I had been to “this” beach club or “that” bar…and

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