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Mike Grobelny and Nikolai Sorensen of Trestle Union with Lady the cat, me and our family of pot plant stands! Photography by Evie Mackay, Plants and styling by Eden Hessell of The Botanist Location: Fuzzy Vibes …… It’s with huge pleasure that I FINALLY get to share with you the debut project in my new TEAM.WORK collaboration series. The idea behind this was to create an avenue to ramp up Studio Home’s involvement with exciting NZ/AUS creative talent AND have fun working together to produce products specifically created with YOU in

So this is something new! Over the next three weeks I’ll be sharing 3 little projects that the clever Lu Diamond and I joined forces on in partnership with Farmers to celebrate their fresh new seasons collection (which to be honest…reallllly impressed me!) You will spot some of our favourite Farmers products in each shoot all of which were the basis of inspiration for each of our floral creations. As a SERIAL “forager” (some may refer to this as foliage poaching) I wanted to create some posts around the ease at

When I was a “normal” person with a real job and a glossy big desktop computer I honestly didn’t really even know why hard drives were particulary neccessary? Certainly not compact fast ones with insane storage capability! At some stage I bought a massive clunky external hard drive that used to whirrr loudly everytime I asked it to kindly look after my photos and in the midst of moving to Auckland 1.5 yrs ago and an almighty clean up….it subsequently took 8 years of photos hostage after I think I

Following on from my travels further South, I boosted from my parents place in North Canterbury before dawn and jumped back on State Highway 1 heading north. Timing was bang on to crest the windy Hundalee range and see the rose gold sun creeping up along the Kaikoura Coast. I took some time out to lap it all in and was rewarded with seeing a SUPER POD (my words….it was enormous!!) of dolphins frolicking parallel to shore. See! The super pod of dolphins above?? ……   I then headed on

So for all of you Studio Home friends that avoid social media channels – its possible you have missed the very public fluster I got myself into as I launched a BRAND new blog last night!! It’s become verrrry obvious to me over the last couple of years that as I grow older, so do many of my dear readers which means many too are now Mums, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents or like me suffering a growing “serial-baby-snatching” issue. I have always made a point of avoiding posting on child

“Miritu”, Bay of Many Coves by Camilla Stoddart ……. Just a quick note to say that me and my squinty eyes are heading into a beautiful but black internet hole for a couple of weeks. I have scheduled LOTS of goodness for you and will be attempting to commandeer a boat to get out into the bay to latch into the outside world once and a while. Its the first time in years that I have managed to get to our little piece of paradise in Bay of Many Coves,

I can hardly believe it but my 2 month stint in Mt. Tamborine is coming to an end of Wednesday. NO idea where the time has gone but I have relished every second of this magical lush bit of the Gold Coast hinterland. In fact I found it so magnetic that I have done far less exploring of the region than I had planned….content instead on exploring my front doorstep instead. For those of you that follow me on instagram you will have been inundated with my adventures and the

Ech! I hope you don’t cringe but I’m admitting to being one of those that respond well to having positive, “take life by the scruff of the neck” type mantra’s floating around my desk (just in case). This year has been exciting, rewarding and terrifying at times as I stepped off full time into the blogging world down under…a part of the internet which is still SO new! But hell, at this point, despite those heart thumpers at 4am questioning the sanity at doing this, I’ve begun to “find my

This time of year is always a bit weird for the internet. So many of you dear regular visitors are far too busy enjoying a break from work, getting out and about or doing your absolute best to “un plug” for a few days instead of checking out Studio Home! But I do know that on the flipside of this, there are also those of you (like me) who take some snippets of their downtime to browse the internet guilt free and its damn frustrating if your favourite sites have

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