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in celebration of over 40 interviews this year – we have worked with many of those involved to bring you 26 opportunities to win!   revisit the stories of these exceptional people AND go into the draw to take home their generous offering of wares! ….. kowtow: interview and collection miso: interview coming, art and zine Emily Green : interview and necklace Erin Lightfoot: interview and ceramic bangles   hannah jensen: interview and prints ben crawford: interview, exclusive book q+a and book   Elk : interview and Larvik collection Nitsua: interview coming soon and

In a follow up to my interview with Raglan based WRW + Co. last week and the next terrific local maker I will share in early January, I wanted to give you an easy to consume peek into what I saw of that special coastal town. For those of you that haven’t been, Raglan is set at the end of its own road. You don’t pass through this place, you make a firm decision to visit it. There is a nostalgic, rural kiwi vibe to the small town which mostly

In celebration of turning 5 years old this month, NZ based footwear label; Chaos + Harmony enlisted kiwi illustrater Kelly Thompson to help them do it in style! To commemorate the re-release of 5 of their favourite designs in black, Kelly created an artwork for each. You can check out the rest at Kelly’s great blog including a Q&A with Chaos + Harmony designer; Rebecca Anderson. Remember the little collab I did with Chaos + Harmony this year?

So today I set off on a cool adventure. I have a week of super exciting interviews lined up in Melbourne then head off to the Gold Coast hinterland to base myself with my sister until January. I have a list as long as my arm of people, businesses, brands and places that I plan to visit and meet. In terms of programming you can still expect to see the same balanced mix of NZ and Australian content right here so if contact ceases…its because I’ve been carried off by

For the duration of our 3 night stay in Sydney we spent our afternoons and evenings with the most hospitable and awesome; Rachael Oakes-Ash in her ridge top haven between Avalon and Bilgola beaches. I’d never been past Manly so the daily drive back from the city was a bit of a revelation! A whole different world exists up there nestled in pockets of bush, national park and a simply amazing coastline. I spotted whales spouting, woke up to furiously chattering kookaburras, fence scampering ring tailed possums and enjoyed all

I was lucky enough to have an interview take me out into the rural belt of farmland just bordering the rugged West Coast yesterday. That was a refreshing detour from the city in itself! But with time on my side and just 10 minutes of curly road between me and the wild Muriwai beach I decided that was probably the best use of a Wednesday afternoon. I hope you enjoy the pictures from this beautiful coastal haven. I’d only been out there once before and had forgotten how lush the drive

The prospect of refreshing a brand identity and website is both exciting and terrifying. For an internet wanderer like myself, exposed to SO many terrific (and terrible) examples of design online daily – the task of creating a new look and improved website to take Studio Home forward seemed kind of mammoth.  While I had some very firm ideas about layout and the general “vibe” I was after, I certainly didn’t have the skill base to bring it to life on my own! So I engaged Mickey Ross from Micimage

After following Australian brand Elk online since 2008 I am very excited to share two developments which have me feeling pretty pumped! One – Elk have come on board as sponsor of the (freaking awesome!) interviews and resulting posts I will be doing in Melbourne starting this Thursday! Two – One of those said posts will result in you guys getting to cruise behind the scenes at the Elk HQ! Having forward thinking, creative brands like Elk partner up with me is the only why I can chase after the

All photography by Julia Atkinson for Glassons. On the amazing off chance you somehow missed my tirade of links yesterday on instagram and facebook to my latest offering over at the Glassons blog; Style Keeper… I thought I would throw a few pics out there as a back up. On the second of my series of Favourite Spaces posts I shot and interviewed the super sparky Katrina Nurse in her Christchurch bedroom. You can check out all the rest of the pics and her witty, funny rundown of her creative

Just a quick reminder to those of you stopping by today, that from 5pm -midnight tonight is the Shop One Night online event. Essentially this means heaps of limited edition deals and crazy good offers that might just be what you are looking for. I am excited as well as some of you out there will be soon wearing one of just 10 of the Chaos & Harmony Fuller Boot which I collaborated on. I am wearing my pair for the first time today! Polka Polka! Normally the boot is

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