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I have MANY friends who have far more exuberant and bold taste in fashion than I, but one thing I harbour a weakness for is…the statement earring. It could have a lot to do with my years of ‘artfully’ shrouding myself in black (something I am pleased to say I have mostly weaned myself off) which needed some kind of colour punctuation BUT it probably has more to do with the fact that they are ‘one size fits all’! Exciting earrings are for anyone and everyone, offering a super cool

It’s been a while between collaborations so I am TOTALLY thrilled to bring you the first TEAM.WORK project of 2017. And, as always, it is damn unique! I had been admiring the collection of the Mushama & Me rain coats for more than a few years when designer; Sharn Blackwell and I began to trade emails with a sniff of a collaboration in the air. I had previously blogged about the brands original Rain Cape and was already envisaging my dream twist on this great initial concept. So Sharn and I got together

I am really pleased to bring you this bright light from the jewellery corner of our down under industry! To me, Nina Gordon gleams with that kiwi girl, can-do attitude, which, I like to think sets us apart a little on the world stage. Her love of jewellery is founded in a love of working with her hands, something that was fostered by time spent with her Dad in his car wrecking yard….I’m not kidding. She is as gritty and cool as she sounds, and I think her shiny, strong aesthetic flows

The aesthetic that Akazi brings to the table is everything I personally love. Natural fabrics, a looser fit and a casual but cool vibe. This all rests on a commitment to growing an ethical brand in its manufacture and processes. Mother/daughter duo; Tracey Barker and Pia Twyford might be based near Byron Bay, but the inspiration for Akazi comes from a lifetime of travel and the simpler life they led for many years in Africa. The collection of basics that is aimed to let you slide from house to beach to

Australian brand; Sanctuary Studio is a new blip on my radar but I instantly recognised it as a beacon to the fun loving, “more is more” kids out there! (By kids I mean “you” – the one with magpie eyes for attitude, boldness and colour in your life!) Created by mother/daughter duo Anne Cook and Simone Rennard in 2015, they have led with a desire to collaborate with artists to create bedlinen, homeware and accessories that stand out in the fact its not all uniform! Their new summery offering called

NZ based hat maker; Emma Cheape has been busy adding to her tried and true favourites with some pretty cool, classic new styles! Below and on her site you can explore the various visors, wide brimmed hats and caps she has made for the coming summer months down under. Shopping for the boys? Click on through to explore that offering here!  Anyone passing through Auckland can also have a try on in person with The Brim Label popping up at Ponsonby Central right NOW and again in late December. All

Our local footwear architect is back with another new season of finely crafted, deftly designed shoes that won’t be like anyone elses! Katie Revie continues to build her empire, now from her flagship store on Auckland’s Ponsonby Road, by issuing refreshingly new collections that still carry her distinct style. ‘Gusto’ channels strong geometry accentuated with the use of strong blog colour and texture. And not to be forgotten are the divine hand carved timber heels that have become iconic to the REVIE style! Click on through and scroll on down.

Radical Yes! continue to tear forth in their very own gorgeous, styley direction! In many ways they are pioneers of the independent fashion world where they produce at will, offering limited edition collections of shoes, sunglasses, bags (and I have no doubt MUCH more!) which are presented constantly with a disregard to traditional fashion “seasons” and the demands of the wider retail community. This means their pace is fast, their collaborations are frequent and the best thing; the quality, small run products can be collected!!!! (well…that’s what I tell myself!)

Our island child; La Luna Rose is well known for her sparky, vibrant beaded jewellery – but those with a leaning for the tropics should brace themselves for the new “Las Palmas” collection! Based around a series of sunshine evoking charms (think shells, palms, fruit and more!), “Las Palmas”  presents them in silver, gold and rose gold finishes across delicate chain bracelets, necklaces, studs and rings.  They are a sweet but precious gift to give or add to your own collection. Keep it up La Luna Rose! Imagery supplied by

If you don’t feel summery and festive after browsing this latest collection from Little Tienda….I’m going to suggest you go ahead and book that tropical holiday. For the rest of us though, the new “El Camino” collection from this iconic Australian based brand is the fun, vibrant, Mexican breath of fresh air we ALL needed! Woman behind the brand; Em Dezentje has managed a beautiful melting of Mexican and Australian zest in her collection (to be honest ALL of her collections). Since her launch in 2012, Em has fostered long term, rewarding

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