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You’ve all been witness to the exquisite, hand made chandeliers produced by klaylife artisans; the women in Kwazulu-Natal of South Africa. Now we have something a little smaller to covet! klaylife has joined forces with Melbourne based; Elodie Darwish of élodie jewellery to combine their handmade beads with truly beautiful accents of gold and silver plated brass. I simply love this mix of smooth and gleaming vs soft and natural! Enjoy the introduction below or click through to explore and buy online here.        Imagery supplied by and used with permission of klaylife ……………….

ESSĒN is focused on the modern classic. Footwear and style that out lives fads and flash in the pan trends. Quality that allows you to make these shoes your favourite then go on and enjoy them for more than one season! Designed in Melbourne and made in Italy and Portugal, their debut collection is small but deliberate set of styles to answer the calls of the detail, quality orientated woman. Take some time to peruse right here!           Above: Designers Prue Trweeke and Marre Muijs Imagery supplied by and

Curio Noir is NZ’s answer to fragrance royalty. Tested and critiqued by some of the worlds best noses, the luxury local brand has just expanded their delicious world to include a new collection of parfum AND a flagship store in Auckland. The highly concentrated scent can be found in little 5 ml pocket bottles or housed in one off, hand blown glass bottles by Monmouth Glass Studio.  The store is designed for the senses as well – a product of work completed with exciting New Zealand designer Rufus Night.  As

It’s been a while since we have checked in with our friends at Hobes – creators of cult level, featherweight basics for your feet! Most recently they have collaborated with Californian artist; Kindah Khalidy resulting in the soft little two tone boat shoes (with a party happening on the inside!) you see above. The rest of the current range stalks between casually cool, cosy and highly reflective glam! Particularly enamoured with the lace less “Point” models…. Enjoy your explore and planning for Spring! Imagery supplied by and used with permission

The convergence of a Dutch designer and a New Zealand designer in Melbourne has equaled a really interesting, sleek, modern leather goods brand called Studio 11:11. Designed and meticulously handcrafted locally, their debut collection of two styles offers some really fresh luxe lines and shapes in the form of a tote and softer shoulder bag. Take some time to explore the Studio 11:11 structured take on things directly here on their site.  Imagery supplied by and used with permission of Studio 11:11 Photography by Nicholas John Wilkins ………….

Meet Allbirds. A groundbreaking kiwi idea involving a magical kiwi fibre, bought to life collaborating with San Francisco tech brains and Italian textile mills. The result is, legitimately, the most comfortable shoe in the world. (I have a pair. They are my inside slippers / outside slippers / out and about shoes ….) Allbirds are runners made from NZ merino wool. This means they are warm in the winter and cool in the summer (that is called “breathable”). They wick away moisture (which means no smelliness) , you can wear them sockless (MY

I remember my first post about Polli was only 6 months after launching Studio Home ….making that almost 9 years ago! Over the years, amid a rapidly growing Australasian design industry AND a shrinking global market the brand has remained incredibly true to their distinctive Polli aesthetic. This is something that has not only grown them a super loyal customer and stockist roll but also ensured their production remains based in Australia. Here we take a look at their latest designs across their metal and wood ranges. Fun, bold and creative!

In a direct knee jerk response to my rejection of anything too form fitting AND mission to release myself from the chains of “all black all the time” dressing ….. I ALWAYS open the kowtow newsletters to see whats on offer. Their most recent drop (they aim to please with their constant release of product!) I spotted the casual/cool/boxy but flowy/patterned but neutral gear that to me screams the kowtow aesthetic I love! So I thought you might enjoy it too! There is a lot more of this to browse online

The honest to goodness great design and quality of all Mavis + Osborn products is sweetened even more so by the fact that designer; Tamzin Hawkins has kept to her mission of remaining New Zealand made. With the brands growth into homeware and general high quality lifestyle offerings in small runs; the focus of operating as an ethical and sustainable business using local makers remains critical. Something to be respected for sure! This latest collection casts beautiful natural fibres (linen, leather, wool and cotton canvas) over lifestyle basics you barely knew

I am SO excited to finally be sharing with you the result of my latest TEAM.WORK collaboration project! Good things take time my friends! It is such a personal thrill to get the opportunity to step beyond the blog and actually brainstorm ideas with the independent brands/designers/artists that I admire so much. For this new project, Betony Dircks and Kelly Elkin were the design stars that accepted the challenge to help me come good on my dream delivering you guys the BEST PJ’s EVER! For them – its not such a hard task

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