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Amy Clarke; the designer behind Auckland based MyLarke went back to the drawing board recently when considering not only her next collection but also her process. With a successful 10 years as an independent brand (with a large and loyal international audience via Etsy) MyLarke has branched out sideways, placing a focus on the lifestyles and needs of their customers. Personal Space was recently launched with an offering of handmade robes and cushions with fluid and fun embroidery including; most importantly, the option to be personalised through consultation with Amy. Take

Despite the fact the Winter is really still only dragging its feet in the door ….Spring and all its festive fun, is technically only a month away! Which is why this unrestrained collaboration bursting with pizzazz between Leititia Green and Murley and Co NEEDS to be shared now! The wonderful multi disciplinary artist; Letitia Green (who we introduced to you here) has joined forces with top creative milliner; Carla Murley to release a limited 8 piece collection of playful, patterned headpieces. They will be available exclusively through Carla’s studio and are part

Good & Co. need little introduction from me.  They have been a very familiar face (of the silky scarf variety) around Studio Home for many years! My spot in the industry down under has given me a super unique position to watch the evolution of many a brand, and I’m always surprised at the personal satisfaction I gain from witnessing their growth – both in terms of popularity AND product offering. Designer Lillie Toogood consistently gives me these good vibes with the release of each collection ! East Coast/West Coast might

Imagery above by Ophelia Mikkelson for Thisby and Solomon ….. Welcome to world of Thisby and Solomon, a New Zealand jewellery label dedicated to the celebration of the simple, the precious and the organic. I was recently introduced to them via one of the divine email newsletters that I receive as a subscriber of Auckland store/online mecca; Tessuti. Store owner Ali and her team have been visiting the studio’s of their makers/stockists and sharing their stories with us through rich, personal photographic posts on their blog. (Explore them here!) As a

Rain protection – something you can’t really do without in our part of the world, especially over the winter months. Mushama + Me has been addressing this issue for sometime and their latest collection of waterproofed vintage fabrics are both fun AND being offered in new designs.! You can take a good browse online here – my particular favourite is the Urban Bike Cape.  Imagery supplied by and used with permission of Mushama + Me Photography by Matt Queree …..

I’m a long time fan of young NZ designer; Georgia Jay and her high quality, leather accessories. Quality, attention to detail and every day function is at the forefront of her design resulting in bags, purses and clutches that don’t compete for the spotlight. They are subtle, beautiful additions to your daily get up! Take some time to browse the great shoot completed recently with her local team below and click on through to view the entire collection here.  Imagery supplied by and used with permission of Georgia Jay Photographer: Greta

Now back making all her hats by hand in New Zealand; designer Emma Cheape of The Brim Label has just released a new, slightly cosier collection for discerning head coverers. There are some classically cool cheese cutters (for the boys too!), caps, felt wide brims and I am particularly loving the Marnie bands which keep ears warm with style. Explore all online here! All imagery supplied by and used with permission of The Brim Label …………..

I’m excited to be introducing you to Edith Rewa! In all honesty, I’m pretty besotted with her work!!! Edith is heavily inspired by the native Australian bush the surrounds her home in the Blue Mountains. However, the fact she also has ” ….. one toe in Hobart and the other in Melbourne” allows her work to stray beyond a canvas to, what really are, some of my favourite silk scarves ever! The one below is most definitely going to be skipping the Tasman to live with me soon… Please take some

And to continue the run of super cool fashion coming outside of the main centres, I wanted to update you on whats fresh from Queenstown based New Lands.  Helmed by designer Natalie Newlands (who is also the owner of cult local boutique; Angel Divine) New Lands always offers the option to subtly (or not so subtly) stray from the norm with cool, modern interpretations of everyday clothing. This collection has some amazing pattern and fabric as well. Have some FUN! Explore all here and you can browse to buy online here.

Seriously – if you haven’t paid attention to my previous posts about one of New Zealands most exciting young brands….then please….take some time for Revie today! I don’t know where to turn with the new collection; Wanderer by Katie Revie. If only one had more than 2 feet!! The colours (olives, blacks, tans and golds) vs the textures (suedes, leather, wood) vs the styles (every day heel, special heel, hybrid boot/shoe, loafers…..SO MANY!) has got me downright engaged. Explore all of the Revie world here AND if you are in

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