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It’s been a while between collaborations so I am TOTALLY thrilled to bring you the first TEAM.WORK project of 2017. And, as always, it is damn unique! I had been admiring the collection of the Mushama & Me rain coats for more than a few years when designer; Sharn Blackwell and I began to trade emails with a sniff of a collaboration in the air. I had previously blogged about the brands original Rain Cape and was already envisaging my dream twist on this great initial concept. So Sharn and I got together

I am SO excited to finally be sharing with you the result of my latest TEAM.WORK collaboration project! Good things take time my friends! It is such a personal thrill to get the opportunity to step beyond the blog and actually brainstorm ideas with the independent brands/designers/artists that I admire so much. For this new project, Betony Dircks and Kelly Elkin were the design stars that accepted the challenge to help me come good on my dream delivering you guys the BEST PJ’s EVER! For them – its not such a hard task

I’m SO happy to bring you this follow up to the product that kicked off the TEAM.WORK collaboration project! Just 18 months ago I met with designers Mike Grobelny and Nikolai Sorenson of Trestle Union and floated the idea of pot plant stands. In true form, they knocked around some ideas, experimented with prototypes and arrived at a design which is distinctly true to both of our brands and has proved to be a favourite for many of you. It has been super satisfying to see the stands popping up in your homes

Welcome to the first TEAM.WORK collaboration of 2015 and in a nod to our ANZAC friendship, our first with an Australian based brand. Radical Yes! were not only appealing partners with a functional, fun and awesome take on shoes,  I was also super attracted to their modern business mentality. They are an ambitious, exciting but calculated brand who have made their home online and make up their own rules ( two things I am quite into too!). SO for YOU we knocked heads, threw ideas back and forth across the Tasman

It’s with an enormous amount of pleasure that I present you the final TEAM.WORK collaboration of the year! This project was an extra special one as I got to work with not only a talented and savvy designer, but a great friend of mine. Natalie Newlands is the owner of cult Queenstown based store; Angel Divine – a super popular destination for design and fashion lovers both locally and on holiday. In 2011 Natalie drew on her extensive experience as a designer to launch her own label; New Lands in

I am SO pleased to bring you the second collaboration in the TEAM.WORK project! Now that I have this format to explore, I am never without ideas knocking around my head! In the case of this merry union with sister’s Kate Lett and Kirsty Coles of KM2 Creative, it all began when I had been admiring some of their prints-on-ply online then stumbled across their collection of felt ball garlands. I have and always will be a sucker for purely ornamental items for the home and while I loved the concept and flexibility

Mike Grobelny and Nikolai Sorensen of Trestle Union with Lady the cat, me and our family of pot plant stands! Photography by Evie Mackay, Plants and styling by Eden Hessell of The Botanist Location: Fuzzy Vibes …… It’s with huge pleasure that I FINALLY get to share with you the debut project in my new TEAM.WORK collaboration series. The idea behind this was to create an avenue to ramp up Studio Home’s involvement with exciting NZ/AUS creative talent AND have fun working together to produce products specifically created with YOU in

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