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Friends! The next TEAM.WORK collaboration is ALMOST here and I am so excited to share! Remember Radical Yes ? Those radical kids with the radical shoes from Melbourne? Well we have joined forces to create TWO pairs of radical kicks for you! IMPORTANT INFO TO BE THE FIRST TO VIEW! To be among the FIRST to eyeball these new toe tappers simply sign up to the VIP Radical Yes subscriber list here Do this before Friday 7am and you will be sent an exclusive code to enter their locked site to

It would be easy to scream ” Foodies! Attention please!” but seriously – this special book of cooking is brilliant for all food “lovers” and culinary excellence is NOT required (hence why I am so excited about it!) Jess Daniel has a great whirlwind of a story. Two years ago, prompted by friend stating she would “pay” just to have Jess’ delicious and healthy homemade meals for dinner, she found herself offering just that. Just one month on, her Auckland based  “underground kitchen” was cranking via a Facebook page. Jess would post

Prepare yourselves …. as I can foresee more than a few tape measures being whipped out and stud heights considered to allow for these BEAUTIFUL chandeliers! I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the world of Klaylife – their impressive and unique collection combined with the story of their production. Powered by a Melbourne based family, the beads and chandeliers are hand made by local women in the South African Midlands of KwaZulu-Natal.  Initially, the chandeliers were crafted by local women whose lives had been impacted by HIV and desperately needed an income to

Kiwi Anna Ross has come a long way from her jewellery design roots to be the leader of exciting independent, “bad stuff ” free nail colour brand; Kester Black. Never one to be following the bunch, Kester Black has grown a fan base in love with not only their colour palettes and quality of polish, but fun their collaborations, ethical business focus AND the brands quest for creativity in what has traditionally been a pretty commercial and glossy part of the beauty industry. Pictured in this AMAZING imagery you can see

With a roll call of some of Australasia’s MOST clever, snappy and surpising creatives – the latest publishing project by Frankie magazine is feast for the eyes! A Little Bit Crafty is packed with 39 clever, quirky and fun projects that will definitely get your flexing your own making skills. Available online directly from Frankie or at bookstores (and some supermarkets no less!) across NZ and Australia. If you are a tad craft inclined – this is a nice one for your collection. Imagery courtesy of Frankie Photography by Hilary Walker

Something TOTALLY different today! We are lucky enough to debut one of the awesome Sans [ceuticals] How-To tutorials. Based on the core values of ‘the three P’s’: Purity, Potency and Performance, Sans [ceuticals] products for your body and hair are chemical-free and highly active,  designed to renew the texture and appearance of your skin and hair. Sounds pretty good to me…and the best bit? Their new arrival to the world of online retailing. Enjoy the The Low and Lazy Pony tutorial by Matt Benns of Stephen Marr and scroll to the bottom to

SUNDAY – Trailer from Fighting Noise on Vimeo. Now this is a goody! On the 7th of December two pretty cool things will happen. A truly independent film set in Christchurch, driven by a team of passionate New Zealanders and Australians will be debuting. The special point of difference that, in what is a world first of this size, the film SUNDAY will open and be released across cinemas, TV, the internet, DVD and with airlines….allll at the same time! SUNDAY  is about Eve (Camille Keenan) and Charlie (Dustin Clare) who

I’m very pleased to give you a heads up on NZ’s latest source of inspiration! Pat Shepherd of One Percent Collective has worked tirelessly to liven-up the charity scene by working closely with artists, musicians and creative personality’s on projects with some kick, inspiration and best of all – great results! In collaboration with design studio Goodfolk, wordsmith Rebekah White, illustrator Gina Kiel and a swathe of enthusiastic experts and sponsors, he today brings us a new project – the juicy The Generosity Journal. With a modern focus on bringing inspiring stories from

Imagery courtesy of Drugstore Photography by Emma Byrnes of Heartland …… The name might have you guessing a little but Drugstore is a new Australian based online haven offering premium, artisan products for the mind, body, soul and home. In addition to the goodies like wooden tooth brushes, charcoal face puffs and exotic toothpaste, owner Pooja Sharma has also developed an in house brand featuring a black soap and beauty/beard oil. Good things to come here I think! Definitely worth a look for your discerning gift giving!

Anyone visiting Auckland over the summer months should keep a look out for the second issue of The Periodic, a beautiful (and free!) publication that celebrates locality—from makers, creators, products and people. Driven by a collective of three talented young women, you can explore content that sweeps through recipes, fashion, beauty, profiles, features and carefully curated tips and tricks! Visit their website to check out their stockists and sponsors that bring this cool creative project to life! Imagery courtesy of The Periodic follow the team on: Instagram  Facebook  

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