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Hi my friends…I am sorry that I sort of just disappeared but I felt sure that you would all be far to busy eating, laughing, drinking, hugging and generally getting into this week of festivities to wonder where I was! I am currently in Canterbury with my parents and had an amazing Christmas jetboating down the Waiau river in what felt like, wind straight from a heat pump! Classic kiwi country Christmas! I’ve been enjoying a real break from my beloved internet world and will be hitting up January with

This is pretty much gorgeous. It’s meant to get you excited about Juliette Hogan (which I think it does) but it also gets me excited about a blustery waterside summer and the film making talent in NZ. Awesome job by Todd Bilton and Rachel Morton. Juliette Hogan Yacht Rockers from Todd Bilton on Vimeo.

  Due to great support and then an interesting glitch with the survey software I am pulling it to and end. I am SO excited to see the results and have blushed more than once at your lovely lovely feedback. Thanks so incredibly much! And here we have the WINNERS! It took me ages to put all names in a hat and drawer. I hope you lucky ones love your generously donated prizes! “Selling the Dream” – Clever Bastards : Anna Kelly 326 Print – Hunting for George : Matt

I was lucky to receive a VERY distracting copy of the latest Extra Curricular magazine in the mail yesterday.  I thought you might be interested so I snapped a couple of my favourite features. Terrariums – a hot and very “now” addition to the home, but seriously I didn’t know they were so easy to make! I can already imagine my wee glass world….. Bee Keeping  – follow the story of a couple working toward self sufficiency and keeping their own bee’s. Interesting stuff! Did you know that if you

One Percent Collective – How It Works from One Percent Collective on Vimeo. I considered trying to take snippets out of the information below and explain the goodness and brilliance of the One Percent Collective in celebration of their launch tomorrow. But then…I watched the BRILLIANT video, read the info again and decided that it is all too perfectly put to mess with. Pat Shepherd has offered us all a realistic why to contribute to NZ and the causes in need. The beginnings of a Kiwi giving evolution? Is New

That’s me boosting out of the “down under” until the end of the month to suck up knowledge from The Blogcademy, inspiration from “Fly the Coop:NYC” and adventure from the big city herself. I’ll be posting the Fly the Coop:NYC interviews here and hopefully some intermittent normal blog updates too! I’ll also be capturing  the city and her amazing faces on instagram as well as the normal FB chatter. So while it won’t be business as normal here until the beginning of November, hopefully you find the new content exciting for the mean time!

It was meant to be me lapping up these awesome tickets for this years We Can Create but now that I am not going to be able to make it (this year!) I was thinking that one of you design obsessed friends might! With tickets almost sold out this competition could be your saving grace! In case you are unaware, the second annual We Can Create is a New Zealand art and creative industries showcase that invite a panel of speakers to inspire, teach and share their stories with you.

I am officially on countdown. Today is my last day ever working in Marketing for Treble Cone, Monday week I drive out of Wanaka with my life crammed into my car, hit Christchurch and get in a series of large tin birds enroute to NYC on Wednesday night. Surreal, exciting, bittersweet and just generally hard for my brain to take in! This week I am getting ready to introduce you to some cool plans I have in the pipeline for NYC and the downright awesome brands that have partnered with

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