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Hi everyone,
I’m voyaging toward the balmy blue waters of the Maldives with my partner in crime from the 14th to 28th of July. During this time I am attempting my first ever TRUE digital detox. No email. No trawling social channels (my fave!!!) and no blogging at all.

I’m foreseeing a magical calm and reversal of computer induced squinty eye wrinkles (As if! I’m thinking more about just having a holiday with cocktails and finding Nemo with m’snorkel!)

Please come back and see me at the end of the month for some great exclusives we have lined up to share from local brands PLUS the launch of our limited edition new TEAM.WORK collaboration project with ALAS. EG…those pj’s below.

Ju xxoo
PS – if I cave it will be on Snapchat so you can join me there: “studiohome”

TEAM.WORK Collaboration Project: Studio Home x ALAS // Organic Cotton Pyjama Set! // limited edition. Available online at :

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