Eco Weaving Kit by Alchemy - Eucalyptus ForestThe instagram feed of Belinda from Alchemy has loooooong been one of my favourites! As an avid forager, maker, artist and explorer I could soak up her natural aesthetic all day.

Which is why I am very excited to introduce you to her latest venture!
Frustrated at the her inability to source a compact, Australian made loom she decided to plough her years of weaving and woodworking experience into the production of her own!
This has resulted in collaboration with other makers to complete and offer kits which also include her Modern Weaving Using Traditional Techniques Guide; normally part of her regular weaving workshops.

I feel like weaving is experiencing a bit of a renaissance for good reason – its hands on, easy to learn, develop and experiment with your own aesthetic.

The Kits debuted on her site yesterday and sold out! But go and check them out and perhaps add them to your wishlist.

Eco Weaving Kit by Alchemy - Dream StateEco Weaving Kit by Alchemy - Seaside HolidayEco Weaving Kit by Alchemy - process shot 3. Photo by Brett RushtonEco Weaving Kit by Alchemy - process shot 7. Photo by Sid Evans Weaving Kit by Alchemy - process shot 10. Photo by Sid Evans Weaving Kit by Alchemy - booklet detail

 Images courtesy of Alchemy
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