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Wallpaper by Borastapeter

The first wallpaper I used in an interior project was for a Heart Foundation Lottery house that I was commissioned to decorate and fit out in 2008, Queenstown.
I. Went. Full. On using THIS on a 3 metre high wall across the length of the living room… (it’s the top one).
While I still really love that paper and especially the designer Hanna Werning, I probably wouldn’t specify the same again for total strangers and I would go as far as to say that I am 99% sure that the paper would have been replaced by now.
I think we can all agree that wallpapers are a pretty personal choice…

I’ve always had a thing for romantic floral walls – the type you could imagine in the rambling country mansions of fairytale childhood fantasies (I had a pretty good imagination when it came to made up homes!). I grew up with inherited Sanderson curtains from my Mums old bedroom and yes – Liberty spins my nostalgia wheels. I find it easy to appreciate the beauty of these old designs even if they are not all for me now.
But for walls, Scandinavian inspired botanicals are my number one go to – which made this a fun and easy edit to pull together. I discovered collections on offer from both boutique studios in NZ to 100 year old companies still committed to the wallpaper cause. It made me realise, that despite the 5 yearly wallpaper renaissance that seems to occur when everyone wants a feature wall….for these design houses and artists, it’s never been a “trend” thing.

Enjoy your introduction to this 8 global brands committed to the botanical beauty of your walls.

I mean…why stop at pot plants?


{Beautiful wallpaper above by Boråstapeter}



Sandberg Wallpaper

Inspired by their gorgeous Swedishness (!), this company produce romantic papers inspired by the countryside and nature of their northern homeland.

Emma Hayes Textiles

Homegrown talent; Emma Hayes has JUST released this beautiful collection of dreamy papers that are part dream and part garden. Click on through to explore the colourways and her ethereal back catalogue of designs.


It’s the Swedish again! I can’t deny that they have my paper heart at the moment!
Exploring the collections of this historic brand is a total treat as they show respect for their Scandinavian roots and the designers from their region after over 100 years of printing. I was particularly grabbed by the discovery that Danish designer Arne Jacobsen didn’t stop his work at chairs! Beauty!!

The wallpaper Hoppmosse from our collection Wonderland – Design by @hannawerning

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Warm feeling with Stig Lindberg’s popular pattern Berså 🌿💛

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Kingdom Home

Australian based fabric and wallpaper company; Kingdom Home love dipping back into the quirky and ecelectic past to bring really punchy, bold designs to homes and commercial spaces.


Portland based design studio; makelike have the COOLEST collection of papers – it was hard to stop at just the botanical ones for the sake of this post. Below are my favourites….

Milton and King

Another fantastic wallpaper troveand just over the ditch!  Milton and King have collaborated with some fantastic designers of late including these below by Theresa Chan.

One of the 5 brilliant new designs from our collection by Teresa Chan (@teresa.chan.graphics) is called Olive Dapple, a pastel ode to a sunny Mediterranean day. It provides a backdrop of Peace and Victory for any room. The pink and black leaves create a beautiful contrast and draw you into the hidden intricacies of the plant, ultimately revealing the sumptuous olive treasure. This design is available in Blushing Pink, Fuschia Night, Laurel Wood and the Olive Canvas colourway picture above. Check our stories to catch a glimpse of the other beautiful colourways or click on the link in our bio to see more. ⠀ ⠀ #wallpaper #yellowwallpaper #mediterranean #mediterraneanstyle #mediterraneandecor #olives #kitchenwallpaper #homeinspo #kitcheninspo #decorideas #inspohome #yellow

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Hygge & West

Pronounced Hue-gah and West, this fabulous Danish inspired, US company have no shortage of wall fodder but be prepared to suffer at the amount of choice! Click in to see their designers list…you’ll be impressed!

Engblad & Co.

I will top off our 8 with another Swedish treat and we will admit that they really do have a certain way with walls that other countries don’t! Among other goodies – definitely jump in an explore Englad & Co’s  incredible Botanic Collection!

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If you get brave with paper please let me know! Would love to see.

Ju xo

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