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Pittwater 3 by Richard Claremont

Lets just say, collecting this selection of work to share with you was hardly a chore…

Landscapes/views/streetscapes hold so much nostalgia and romance for me and as a formerly committed fan of photo realism, I have come to immensely appreciate the emotive effect of painted “impressions” of places. I think its a fascinating and beautiful thing to see an artists “take of a scene” that many others have seen before.

Below you will find 8 New Zealand and Australian artists that I follow on instagram and covet to the extreme. For the meantime, my appreciation is entirely digital, however I hope this will change!

{Beautiful featured work above by Richard Claremont}

Kezz Brett 

The work of Australian artist; Kezz Brett is peaking on my wishlist of art at the moment. I love the colour and painterly, imperfect vibe of her work – all of which is available exclusively via Jumbled Online. 

The sky’s the limit

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Between two towns . I’m back!!

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Georgie Hoby Scutt | Belle Hawk

Some of you might have come across the great ply homewares created by Belle Hawk in years past? So for you, (like me!) you might be pleasantly surprised to see designer; Georgie, is actually a super talented artist! The colour palettes of her work get me every time…

Sophie Melville

This Wanaka artist first stole my attention when I realised I could instantly identify the swoopy, big skied, lake and mountain vista’s that had been my home for 3 years. She has perfected her ability to clearly communicate landscapes while using the lightest touch of water and pigment. Follow her on instagram, its wonderful to watch her at work!

Joy in looking and comprehending is natures most beautiful gift. Albert Einstein . I was very much inspired by nature today in an ‘out my window’ kind of way as it was pouring with rain but all I saw was beauty in the golden grass and dappled rain. So this artwork started out meaning to be a large scale commission (until I damaged the paper while wetting and stretching it) . Then I decided to make use of the good part of the paper that wasn’t damaged and just create for the sake of painting with no expectation. I haven’t managed to paint much recently let alone spent hardly any time in my studio but with the babe growing so quickly and things easing I’ve found time to put him in the wrap and get painting. ( It’s a whole new dimension trying to paint something carefully while leaning over with a squirmy baby on your front 😂) So after a little pondering about what colour to paint the clouds I decided gold it had to be seems the yellow grass on the hills outside my studio windows convinced me it was the right colour. To begin with I though I had failed with my gold clouds, it looked awful but I gently reminded myself that failure was ok, I was pleased I had at least tried and it could always make nice wrapping paper for Christmas 😱😩 But somehow I kept working the paint (yay for acrylic, I can’t work watercolour too much, it is too fine a medium) and as I kept my brush pushing water and paint around it started to evolve and I felt just like the rain clearing outside and the sun starting to shine a sense of maybe this might turn out alright. With the rain drops sparkling and reflecting through the window onto the paper I worked quickly with short circular movements to push the paint around. So I am quietly pleased my failure turned into something quite special. Tell me if I go on about failure and its rewards too much but if you’re interested to know more about the fear that grips me sometimes while painting and how I overcome it then read about it in my Gold Collection blog, link in bio 🙏🏻 (and see my stories for the whole process from today 😉) #nzartist #nzart #carveouttimeforart #contemporaryart #ratedmodernart #dscolor #mymonthofsundays #slowliving

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Guy Harkness

If we had to visually communicate the sweet smelling, magical warmth of New Zealand in summer….I think it would be best to just present a Guy Harkness painting.

‘From Bream Head…’ just about done.

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Joe Helmore

Australian based, NZ artist; Joe Helmore mixes it up using acrylics, oils and aerosol sprays to create landscapes that are modern but moody.

SMILING LIKE A DOG. Oil on board. This is an impression of mid Canterbury New Zealand. SOLD

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Anna Stichbury

Part landscape, part dreamscape, Anna’s work settles you into a feeling and hints at the landscape you are sitting in.

Richard Claremont

Richard presents his urban and rural snapshots with so much richness and atmosphere, they make me want to dive right in! A wonderful artist to follow and explore.

A little painting of my beloved Wollongong…”Gipps Road”

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Julian Meagher

11 years ago Julian left his career as a doctor and immersed himself in painting full time. I have been in love with his painted point of view on everything to be honest, but these landscapes make me feel like we’re looking at the world through a crystal. Amazing.

‘The Inlet #4’ 2017. Oil on linen. 122 x 91 cm @edwinacorlettegallery

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I hope your enjoyed these introductions and please feel welcome to leave introductions to more landscape artists in the comments below.

Ju xo 

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