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To some that follow my posts on my personal instagram or even have a swipe through #thebluehousenz, you might get the impression that I have my personal interior style pretty firmed up. I definitely know that I’ve also been drawn to layers of texture, a dose of nature, a spray of colour (but only muddy!) and love a bit of weathered, old, mis-treated furniture! But given an unlimited budget like a Lotto win, I think I would be in SERIOUS trouble. My house (actually “houses” plural, no doubt) would be some kind of weird, themey place with little linking each room. There’d be the country kitchen, the slick modernist ‘drinks lounge’, the fashionably pared back bedroom right beside the sumptuous floral boudoir. There’d be a dark bathroom and a light bathroom and actually… an ensuite for everyone so I could play with tap and tile combo’s!

What I am trying to say is, I’ve always enjoyed and been deliciously inspired by the personalised decoration that other people apply to their spaces.  These are homes that I have visited in person or many others via magazines, books, movies, TV shows, Pinterest and let us NOT forget, the channel of  ‘eyeball musers’ everywhere, Instagram.

So in the nature of these new-style instagram Edits on Studio Home, here are some terrifically varied REAL LIFE homes that I love dropping by on Instagram. They are from all over the world – some are from designers and some are people that most definitely SHOULD be designers and are not.

Open your eyes to the different ways people like to live, and you might find yourself a little closer
to honing in on the individual way that YOU want to!


{Read on for more from the fabulous Atlantis Home as pictured above }


Abigail Ahearn

One of my first interior design heroes when I was studying in 2004 –  I was SO thrilled when I was able to jump back on her bandwagon of delicious, moody spaces via her instagram. Yes….this is her actual home.


Angela | The Painted House

Artist and OBVIOUSLY visionary decorator; Angela Blehm lives in Georgia, USA with her family.

Erena Te Paa 

Erena is a kiwi stylist who has been generous in the sharing of her home renovation. She has a terrificly pared back way of putting her rooms together which are punctuated with natural materials and tones.

Sneak peek | Just a wee snapshot of the room (so far) for you today. Sorry folks I thought I could get the room completely done and dusted to show you but time and the weather is against me . So how about I do a good walk through and story on Sunday when I’ve styled it up (before a blog post next week)? Also, to those who were expecting a lounge reveal (because this was ours before) it’s actually going to be our bedroom. I was a bit nervous to say before because it might have seemed a little odd. It has a lot to do with the fact that this house will take a few years to evolve so for the time being we are aesthetically tweaking some spaces to suit the way we need them to be (for now)…I’ll explain more later – RN I’m off to sneak in a cup of tea!!! Also, @tashthings thank you for such a lovely shout-out today, such a nice surprise on such a dreary day. You are tooo lovely!!

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Alex Fulton

I am of course completely biased but I think my friend Alex has one of the most exciting eyes for design in NZ. Your eyes see a riot of colour vs pattern vs total interior JOY but step back and you will see everything is cleverly paired with checks and balances between chaos and order….and that is no mean feat!

Anna Church

For years Anna was one of NZ’s most prominent magazine stylists, she took her talent for arrangement into her own artform of “sculptography” and is enjoying huge success around the world. She now lives in Toronto with her family and shares wonderful snippets of her life and home there.

Michelle Matangi + Evie Kemp = The Pink Room 

It feels a tad unfair to group these two women together as their homes REALLY ooze individual style! However, in their shared love of interiors brimming with character, they have joined forces to not only curate one mega instagram account called The Pink Room, but also a great podcast with conversations around all things interiors. Go for an explore.

In episode 1 of @thepinkroomnz I refer to my “aspirational pool wall” and this is it, with Biggie totally gazing out at our imaginary Palm Springsy pool area. A girl (and her dog) can dream! I think a bit of fun ambition can take design a long way – you might not live in Palm Springs/be at NY fashion week/look like Alexa Chung (dammit why not?) but that doesn’t mean you can’t interpret that into your style if it’s what you want. Imaginary pool areas for all! I think going to fashion week really pushed this home more than anything, creating the life you want and being you even if it’s not on trend or you’re not fitting the mold. Having fun with stuff and not worrying about being cool or not actually having the pool is incredibly freeing! . On that note, I’m so flattered this morning to have been picked for this weeks #myboldhues feature by the total inspirations @pmqfortwo @domicile37 @semiglossdesign @mila_jestcafe @jenniferperkins and @cate_stylemutthome. Thank you so much!

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Bri | Burts Bris Please 

Bri has a beautiful soft style which she has used to nest her young family into a home Stateside. There are two gorgeous auburn topped children, two cats with attitude and a warm cosy home obviously shot with a creative eye.
I think you’ll love exploring this account.

When you’re a little too big for the sink but a little too small for the tub. ‍♀

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Gearing up for the week and sprinkling miniature pumpkins all around the house.

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Sarah Sherman Samuel

Californian Interior Designer; Sarah lets us in on her terrific client projects ….but its her own place; The Samuel A Frame that gets me every time! Dreams are made of this place!!!

waking up here @thesamuelaframe. . #sssinteriors by @sunsetphoto for @sunsetmag

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Atlantis Home 

I’m not sure you a ready for the eclectic, bohemian and sumptuous interiors of Judy Aldridge …but I suggest you hurry up and get on board!

Good morning!! ❤️❤️ : @carlaypage #moreismoredecor #sodomino #currentdesignsituation #bohemiandecor

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Anna Cate

Stylist, photographer and creative director; Catarina lives with her young family on a Swedish island. I guess thats why everything looks like my dream fairytale land!

Sundays at home

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Sunny monday morning ✨

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Caroline Curtis | BinkerBinkerBinker

Binker is actually the name that I gave to my little sister; Caroline when she was a toddler – it was apparently from a Christopher Robyn poem about an imaginary friend so I guess I was having issues with relinquishing the role of only child?
Caroline and her husband Si have been renovating a little workers cottage in Addington, Christchurch that is looking gorgeous on the inside now but certainly wasn’t a couple of years ago!
I have written about their progress to date and will be presenting a full tour of the interior soon but you might enjoy following her in the meantime – it gives hope to the realllll DIYer’s of you out there!

Emily Henderson 

Los Angeles based designer; Emily is incredibly candid with her design approach and decision making which I think will be a breath of fresh air for those of you that follow people offering just a one liner explanation. Her blog is PACKED with edits and ideas so get amongst if you like her casual, Californian style.

Bobby Clark

It won’t take  you long to recognise the precise, shape based paintings of Melbourne based Scot; Bobby Clark.
I feel like the calm balance of her works are immediately reflected in her own surroundings….and I love it.

Amanda | Small Acorns

Curator behind cult Wellington store; Small Acorns, Amanda is one of my most favourite people to follow with her wonderful little stories about everyday life and the still lifes made up of her latest foraged foliage finds.

Chris Loves Julia 

No this has nothing to do with me! It refers to a super clever couple in Idaho who are “uncovering their home’s potential” in a way many of us could only dream of! It is a great renovation to read up on – I really really enjoy their cool, homely style.

Love and Ginger 

Katrina and Guy are old friends of mine who have flexed some seriously savvy design fingers when not only designing and building their own home from scratch (I mean like nailing and framing and EVERYTHING) but also one for the in laws on the same property! Inspiration abound for people in the same position and not to mention Katrina’s many super creative DIY projects.

Dragging this rug over in front of the fire was a good move. Don’t be fooled by the sun, it’s a fire kinda day.

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Sunny winter days and almost clean floors 😎🙌🏻

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Tinta Luhrman 

For those that crave a minimal palette but not at the expense of texture – the Dutch home of Tinta Luhrman will tick every single box …

She cooked for me … again✨ best birthdaypresent👌🏻and thank you for all your sweet words🙏🏻

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Balquhidder House | The Culy Family

One of my favourite New Zealand homes ever – Balquhidder House is the name of the beautiful old, two storied villa on Napier hill, owned by Leanne and Brian Culy of Homebase Collections. Enjoy enjoy enjoy…


A post shared by Balquhidder House (@balquhidder_house) on

This space is now available for your workshop or creative conference. For enquiries email us on info@homebasecollections.co.nz

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I hope you enjoyed this gathering of people and their homes and please do leave any others that you think we should be following in the comments below!
I practically have the sequel to this post ready to go!…

Ju xo 
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