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By Tush Tush // as featured on Studio Home

As my sister unpacked into her home in Christchurch and hung her art collection in temporary spots (during the wild, pre-renovation period),  I noticed something crazy. The large majority of her art featured birds. They were in print and painted, they were abstracted and reproduced in bright, photo realism. She even had an incredible collection of pinned feathers from Australian natives in a frame! It was such a weird realisation for her and we laughed about how this could have happened, subconsciously, over the years and even why?
Then the mirror got turned on me, and Caroline pointed out that most of my art was of people. I can honestly say that I was totally dumbfounded. I had never ever noticed and on reflection, she was SO right and I was left wondering why I was so drawn to having strangers all over my walls!

Given she is a psychologist, I’m on the fence about whether or not I want her to explore these odd leanings of mine but in the meantime, I continue to collect art with my gut, and despite a new fascination with abstracts, overall ‘unfamiliar faces and bodies” most definitely lay claim to most of my walls!

Below I have pulled together 15 totally diverse and equally wonderful examples of what you could be collecting next !

Image above by “Tush Tush” – the artist behind one of my very first purchased portraits. 


Joshua Miels

I have followed the career of Adelaide artist Josh Miels since I first blogged about him in 2013. His work is incredibly textured and gritty close up, only to reveal a large detailed face with emotion from a distance.

Packed and ready to go…

A post shared by Joshua Miels (@joshuamiels) on

A post shared by Joshua Miels (@joshuamiels) on


Clare Elsaesser

I am a hopeless Etsy stalker of Clare’s work, stumped only by the fact I can never choose quite which of her works to buy and in what size!!

Adding 40% off prints to the Seconds Sale section of my shop today, and tomorrow.

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Shayna Quinn

One of my personal favourites… to the point that I commissioned her to magic up the faces of T and I!
Talented kiwi currently in Australia who produces both digital and hand painted, drawn and sewn creations!

Nice to have a little time for a little drawing again!!! 🖍🖋🖌

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Henrietta Harris

I have followed Auckland artist Henrietta Harris for yeaaaarrrsss and thoroughly enjoyed her rise within the ranks of the international art scene. Represented by Robert Fontaine Gallery in Miami and Melanie Roger Gallery in Auckland, she is a special part of the NZ art world that deserves a place on your wall.


Helo Birdie

Joanne Ho is a New Zealand artist is enjoying well deserved attention in the international online world at the moment! Her quirky beach scenes and smooth swimmers make her work both fun but interesting.


Emma Leonard

Another one of my long time favourites to have suffered years of Studio Home stalking. Melbourne based Emma draws feminine faces like noooo other!

And here she is a bit closer! @hooraymagau

A post shared by Emma Leonard (@emmaleonardillustration) on

Tanya Blong

A new-to-me, NZ artist, Tanya’s work is soft in focus but heady in subject matter, kind of whisking you away to tropical, humid pools.

Caitlin Shearer

A true creative force, Caitlin not only is an illustration queen, she also designs fabric for her own fashion line, offers up ‘mixed tapes’ for your listening pleasure and most recently completed a beautiful collaboration with a former EDIT subject! Check that out here.

A portrait for @alexis.eclectic

A post shared by C.S (@caitlin_she) on

A portrait for @nisetlm

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Jess Cochrane

I find Jess’s work totally captivating in its large scale format and mix of photography and paint. Currently her practice is a heavily focused on contradictory aspects surrounding beauty and feminine standards which she reflects in her resulting work.


A post shared by Jessica cochrane (@jesscochranepaints_) on

@teriyakimami ✨Still Life. 15th November @ @good.space

A post shared by Jessica cochrane (@jesscochranepaints_) on

Kelly Thompson

Artist, photographer, stylist, speaker, shopkeeper and owner of illustration agency and creative consultancy; Makers Mgmt, Kelly is no one-trick-pony!
A wonderful person to follow for advice in the realm of creative freelancing OR a special one to collect…

Strange dreams where everyone is staring at me 👀

A post shared by Kelly Thompson (@kellythompsoncreative) on

Jai Vasicek

Artist and owner of cult Byron Bay store; Ahoy Trader, Jai creates divine, single line drawn faces that are more than magnetic.

Drawing with the girls today / current design desk / new work / new year 🙂

A post shared by J👁 (@jaivasicek) on

Love my girls 👯

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Taylor Cox 

This fab American artist is a new one for me, and has me totally hooked with her mix of abstract and miniature paintings!
Tiny people for the win!!

Gillian Buckley

I have and will always have, a strong attraction to photo-realism, and the work of NZ artist; Gillian Buckley really satisfies it!

Tali Yalonetzki

Having bought my first print from this Israeli based artist via Etsy in 2009, I know Tali as TushTush. I was thrilled to find her recently on instagram and reconnect with her nostalgic paintings. They constantly remind me of lost photographs and snapshots of a memory.

Ohkii Studio

Angela McKay is a NYC based Australian artist who can pull us into an environment better than most. I am also a major fan of her botanicals!

Some recent stuff 🌞

A post shared by Angela Mckay (@ohkiistudio) on

“The Dare” one of the new prints up online now 💙💙

A post shared by Angela Mckay (@ohkiistudio) on

I hope this mix gave you a window into the wonderful world of art and people. It’s time to shed those worries about having “other peoples” portraits on your wall and instead embrace a works style and resulting emotion.

Ju xo

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