Extra Curricular Issue 15

Extra Curricular Issue 15 - Cover by Enemies Yay. New Zealand based available online and in stockists.Issue 15 of our favourite little cult publication; Extra Curricular is all ready for you to take home!
Sporting a VERY cool cover from Australian power duo; Enemies Yay ( Laura Blythman and Pete Cromer the goodness behind it is consistently inspiring, interesting and idea generating!

“It’s an oldie but a goodie – taking its name from the classic proverb, the Many Hands issue celebrates collaboration in all its forms, proving that many hands do indeed make light work.

Featuring a gang of artists who roam Auckland’s streets, a small Matakana bush cabin built by architectural graduates, and the latest must-have of any creative city – shared workshop spaces – the spring issue is fronted by dynamic cover duo Pete Cromer and Laura Blythman, working together as Enemies Yay.

Maryann Talia Pau, weaver extraordinaire, talks to us about the power of her craft to bring communities together. Luzette Godinez shows us how to make a stunning geometric piñata, the Martha Goes Green crew dish up their usual delectable fare, and four creative couples share their experiences living and working together.

And, if all these projects have you inspired to get your own project off the ground, have a look at the creative funding cheat-sheet we’ve put together.”

Extra Curricular Issue 15 : Enemies Yay InterviewExtra Curricular Issue 15: Whare In The Bush. New Zealand based publication. Available online and in stores.Extra Curricular Issue 15 : tutorial by Luzette Godinez - New Zealand based magazine, available online and in stockists Extra Curricular Issue 15 - Recipe by Martha Goes Green/ New Zealand based. Available online and in stockists. Extra Curricular Issue 15. New Zealand based publication, available online and in stores. Imagery courtesy of Extra Curricular
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