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Bianca Mavrick Jewellery - handmade in Melbourne // as featured in Studio Home 'EXTRA' Earrings Edit

I have MANY friends who have far more exuberant and bold taste in fashion than I, but one thing I harbour a weakness for is…the statement earring.
It could have a lot to do with my years of ‘artfully’ shrouding myself in black (something I am pleased to say I have mostly weaned myself off) which needed some kind of colour punctuation BUT it probably has more to do with the fact that they are ‘one size fits all’!

Exciting earrings are for anyone and everyone, offering a super cool way to punch out some personality without committing to a ‘head to tail’ outfit. Below you can find a whole bunch of bold options that might just tempt you to break out for the summer months.

All are from NZ and Australian makers and brands and in no particular order…enjoy!

And PLEASE do add more great brands you know in the comments for us all to discover.

:{Image above featuring Bianca Mavrick earrings}:




Graphic, bold and African inspired designs handcrafted in Melbourne.

Each to Own

The work of this Queensland based brand was practically my gateway drug to the world of wonderful ‘lobes!
Forever introducing new designs and really something for everyone.

Sly Pony

Hand poured in Melbourne, Sly Pony really want to take you out of this world with their new Eclipse collection!

Emily Green

The Empress of Polymer Clay and a true, down under pioneer of designing and making statement jewellery.

Can’t get enough of our Blue and Rose Tape Drop Earrings! #emilygreen #handmade #dropearrings #bestsellers

A post shared by Emily Green (@helloemilygreen) on

Studio Elke

Elke Kramer is could easily be considered another pioneer of sculptural, statement jewellery down under. Her latest range is soft in colour but super architectural in both form and materials.


Peaches & Keen

Neverrrr ones to be pigeon holed, this pair of Melbourne based designers/artists/makers are certainly bringing it to the earring game!

Shop update is NOW! peachesandkeen.com/products for our latest one-off designs 💚💖

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Some of the new earrings that have arrived at @studioingot this week 💕

A post shared by Peaches+Keen (@peachesandkeen) on

Northside Southside

This designer brings the drama but also allows those a little weary of brights to join the awesome earring game too!

Jazz up any outfit with the #BrunswickEarrings in black glitter ✨💥 #Repost @madamefancypants #NorthsideSouthside

A post shared by Northside Southside (@northsidesouthside) on

Penny Foggo

A new collection and direction for this Wellington designer who never shies away from pattern and colour.

Pops of red… ❤️ #pennyfoggojewellery

A post shared by Penny Foggo Design (@pennyfoggodesign) on


Another kiwi represented in this line up is Auckland based; Emma Huia Lovegrove – it seems her illustrative skills have transferred SUPER well to the earring universe!

Some of the cuties making their way to a new stockist @twigsntwinedunedin 💜💙❤

A post shared by Emma Huia Lovegrove (@_huia_) on


Bianca Mavrick

This edit wouldn’t be complete without an appearance by this exciting Australian designer. My wish list from her latest collection is long!

Block Artt

Organic and totally out of this world all at once!

Martha Jean

A sparky Melbourne based brand named after a ‘cheeky granny’ that was never met!

Got my tassels on!

A post shared by Ana Nicols Rees (@marthajeanstudio) on

KAPOW! ZAP! BAM! 💥 – new things online. 💖

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Alana Wild

A Brisbane based designer who appears to relish breaking the boundries of what might work for ‘lobes!

NEW 🐍🐍🐍 Dark blue, light gold and black multi glitter snakes hitting the online store tonight!

A post shared by Alana Wild (@alanawild_) on

Dreamy marble desert dangles 🌵🌵🌵 These and more insane newbies coming this week!

A post shared by Alana Wild (@alanawild_) on


And for those of you left utterly exhausted by this line up – meet Mamoru. Totally exquisite and eye catching creations featuring mother nature at her best.

Some summer gems have arrived just in time to welcome the sun ☀️

A post shared by MAMORU 〰 (@mamoru_jewellery) on

Lucilla Gray

This NZ womanswear brand strikes gold with earrings that are big, graphic but with a good dose of elegance.

Please do share any more brands we need to know about in the comments below. 
All hail the flashy earlobe! 
Ju xo 
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