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  • Products by Fazeek // Australia - available online // as featured by Studio Home
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Products by Fazeek // Australia - available online // as featured by Studio Home

I’m so glad that I’ve moved onto to this Q+A format as it’s not just YOU gaining a deeper insight into the brands and work featured here!
At face value, I truly do love Fazeek; an Australian brand sporting punchy graphics but in tones that don’t blow your socks off. I love the fact that I could have a table cloth to go with my cushion or mix and match with reverse coloured napkins. The baskets are quirky and cool in their slightly muddy tones …totally up my ally.

But it has been the email conversations and answers to my questions below that has reallllly taught me about where Fazeek is coming from. The zigzagging journey of creative determination leading designer/stylist; Jackie Fazekas to step out from assisting others to pursuing her own brand and career is totally inspiring.


Products by Fazeek // Australia - available online // as featured by Studio Home

Can you tell us a little about the path that led you to design and run your own creative enterprise?

After over a decade working in the hospitality and fashion retail industry it felt like a pretty natural progression to fuse my love of design, colour and textiles with an insiders understanding of the practicalities and quality required from linens.

I worked as a design assistant (fashion) initially in Melbourne in the early 2000’s and moved to Berlin in 2004 where I continued to work for prominent, independent German design houses.

Having returned home to Melbourne and ready to “go out on my own” I started “made by name”, a jewellery and accessories label where I had the opportunity to explore 3D printing and also work with some of my favourite natural products; wood and leather.

I had such an incredibly collaborative time working within fashion, but I soon realised that what I wanted creatively,… needed to be a bit dirtier 😉  I didn’t even know how much I missed being elbows deep in paint and gunk until fashion felt all too clean.

Both my grandmothers were creatives.  My paternal Grandmother was a fashion designer, and post World War 2 moved to Australia and became the head designer of Bromley.  My maternal Grandma was multi-disciplined artist, her tapestries although not my personal taste were incredibly inspiring.

Around 2 years ago, to further hone my skills in interior design and styling I approached Simone Haag to see if I could assist her on shoots.  From there I’ve worked with some incredible Australian interior stylists including Bree Leech, Heather Nette King and Tamara Maynes.  I’ve been lucky to work with these successful, creative women I hold in such high esteem and have learnt a lot from watching their process from initial vision to the reality of the set build, to the finished product.

I feel, with Fazeek I’ve finally started to bring together all of my influences: past and present, knowledge and aesthetic values, particularly in the latest collection ‘Hold Up/Hands Off’.


Products by Fazeek // Australia - available online // as featured by Studio Home Products by Fazeek // Australia - available online // as featured by Studio Home

You manage such a delicious balance between texture, graphic detail and a neutral palette. Does the overall vibe of the Fazeek collections reflect your personal style in your home?

Being a small business owner, my homes have been somewhat transient over recent years and I spend most of time in the studio.  But my personal style is pretty apparent both in person and the spaces I enjoy being in.  I love texture and have an equal appreciation for both organic and man made, “modernised” materials.  I wear a lot of black, but always mix up it up texturally.
My favourite go to piece is my knee length black leather circle skirt – clean, classic and easy to build upon.  I love simple but bold print in fashion and furnishings, you can’t go wrong with stripes. My original 1960’s scandanavian sideboard that I inherited from my late grandmother is still one of my favourite pieces and epitomises my approach to clean, simple, timeless shape and lines.

My new range resonates on a much more personal level: although all of my ranges have been my style, the ‘Holds Up/Hands Off’ collection is the truest reflection of my aesthetic thus far.

Products by Fazeek // Australia - available online // as featured by Studio Home Products by Fazeek // Australia - available online // as featured by Studio Home

We are so lucky to be exposed to SO many sources of inspiration these days! What places or people do you check in with to get your brain whirring?

Instagram – broad range from photographers to interior stylists.

* My incredible, supportive friends and colleagues to bounce new range ideas off.

* Having followed Julia Green across all platforms it’s amazing to have recently signed to Greenhouse Interiors.

* Favourite websites: The Selby, The Design Files, Trendland, Aren’t & Pike, **Studio Home.

* I always try and keep up to date with what Life Interiors and Alex Fulton are doing – they have such a great eye and I am so lucky to be stocked in their beautiful stores.

Pinterest for both  storage and inspiration.

* Keeping tabs on a broad range of local and international designers allows me to see what’s already out there – as it’s so important Fazeek has it’s own unique point of view in what is often a saturated market place.

It’s incredible having SO much at our fingertips but also overwhelming and sometimes I have to stop myself getting sucked down the endless black hole of the internet!

Products by Fazeek // Australia - available online // as featured by Studio Home Products by Fazeek // Australia - available online // as featured by Studio Home

A lot of your products centre around entertaining – table runners, napkins, table cloths, aprons etc.
What do you like to whip up for visitors at home?

Being of Hungarian/Austrian/Romanian decent there is nothing I love more than planning a delicious menu and having my mates over for a delicious feast-a-thon.  Although I love Asian cuisine, if entertaining at home I tend to go to robust, European home cooking.  Signature dishes that have been passed down generationally include Grandma’s Goulash (although my Mum will claim it’s hers!) and Austrian 7 hour roast duck – it’s worth every minute!

Other than feeling as at home in the kitchen as I do in the studio, obviously designing the table setting itself is part of the joy in bringing a group of inspiring people together to share a meal … and several glasses of wine!
I’m looking forward to an upcoming dinner party that will of course feature the linens from the new collection. Hmmm, what to cook?

Products by Fazeek // Australia - available online // as featured by Studio Home

What I learnt from Jackie Fazekas: 
We should always seek to create opportunities for ourselves. This stuff doesn’t happen on its own….
Prioritise learning, collaboration and don’t fear trial and error.
Seek originality – listen to your personal aesthetic for the best results.

You can explore Fazeek to its fullest via:
Online Store

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